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Gamma Girls: Kind, loyal women. Women who listen to one another. Women who share information, ideas, opinions, contacts and recommendations. Women who look out for one another.

Where are the best places to go on dates? To dinner? To dance?

The Gamma Girls know.

And they invite you to come with them while they eat, drink, dance, date…

And live.

Appealing Kate
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Kate has lived in D.C. collectively for six years.  While she carries around an immense amount of pride for her New England roots (and the Patriots), Kate considers the District the perfect fit for her.  Kate likes her martinis dirty, her lattes strong, and her men tall, dark, and handsome.  She can be found drinking wine in her Glover Park neighborhood, running on the National Mall, avoiding Virginia, and always looking for the next adventure.
Capital Katie
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Katie is a passionate gal with a lust for life who considers "exploring the city of D.C." to be a completely legitimate hobby. An Ohio transplant who has now spent the better part of a decade in the nation's capital, she believes Saturdays were made for activities, Sundays were made for brunch, and everything else requires copious amounts of black coffee. You can usually find her running around H Street while wearing a dress -- not because she likes dresses so much as she really hates pants.

Originally from Baltimore, Julie is a 20-something resident of the District that enjoys exploring the city and trying new things.  Likes include using excessive amounts of hand gestures while talking, guacamole, happy hour, writing, running, and bad reality TV.  Dislikes include goat cheese, puns, and large quantities of bugs.  Julie is also the token vegetarian among the Gamma Girls and frequently writes about the best spots in the District for veggie-friendly fare. 

Red, White, and Bourbon
Born and raised in Maryland, RWB has a penchant for Paula Deen, pastels, pearls, and Pugs. True to her (barely) below the Mason Dixon roots, she likes her tea sweet and her whiskey sour. Yet despite her Maryland upbringing (and love of Old Bay and crabcakes), she is somehow an avid Red Sox fan. In her free time RWB can be found watching college football, tailgating at country music concerts, or parading her precious Pug, Lola, around Arlington.

Samantha is an East Coast girl, through and through.  Originally from the Durty Jerz, outside Philly, she has called Washington, D.C., her home for almost five years now.  She considers herself a no-nonsense broad in the classiest sense of the word, in both her career and her personal life.  Samantha is never afraid to tell it like it is and, while this is her first foray in the blogging world, she's ready to jump in with her clothes on.  Or off.
Thirsty Ivy
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Thirsty Ivy, born and bred in the Sunshine State, is now a true Washingtonian ... whether she likes it or not.  She moved here in 2009 to work on a PhD, waded into the dating pool without floaties, loved, lost, and dropped out of school.  You can find her tastefully toasting all over D.C. and, much to her Southern mother's dismay, on a dating website ... or three.

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