Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where to Do Stripper Fitness in the District

 Like most typical Washingtonians, I run for exercise. I belong to a gym, but every once in a while the sight of a treadmill depresses me because it makes me feel a bit too much like this:

Round and round we go...
That's when I need to bust out of my routine. Work my muscles in a way I haven't worked them before. Make myself sexy, as well as sweaty. Do something... exotic.
I'm talking, of course, about stripper fitness, which in my definition boils down to workouts where you flex and contort your body like an exotic dancer to in order to burn the calories packed on from too many mimosas at brunch. And despite D.C. being a high-strung, career-driven, buttoned-up city, there are actually quite a few places to get your sexual swerve on:
JORDIN'S PARADISE, 1215 Connecticut Ave. NW, 4th floor
Jordin's Paradise offers a variety of pole-dancing classes as well as chair-dancing classes. I've taken the pole-dancing classes before, and trust me, they are TOUGH. Have you ever tried to support your entire weight by gripping your hands tightly on a metal pole? Your arms will BURN.
Most classes are in the $10-$25 range, and you can also purchase class packages at a discounted rate.
JOY OF MOTION DANCE CENTER, 1333 H St. NE (the Atlas Performing Arts Center)
The Joy of Motion Dance Center offers a variety of classes, but come 8 p.m. on Thursday nights, it's all about sexy dancing. The instructor -- a tall, hot, manly man -- actually teaches the class in spike heels, and students are encouraged to wear heels of their own. You really tone your ass when you're trying to maintain your balance in four-inch pumps. Believe that.
Drop-in classes are $17, and again, you can buy a dance class package.
THE P SPOT, 518 10th St. NE
Despite sounding like a new erogenous zone, The P Spot is another place that offers sexy fitness classes (and has the most unapologetically flashy, hot pink and black website ever. Seriously, I love them for their extensive use of the Alba font.).
Classes include pole dancing, stripping and something called "Bedroom Body." Awesome.
"Bedroom Body"
Hell, I'm all riled up now. Imma go out and get my sexy body on tonight!


  1. Yay! Derek Brown's Tease class at Joy of Motion is so much fun! It's at 8pm on Thursday nights

  2. Hey that looks like it would do wonders for cadio and core! My gym does that classes, perhaps I should think about joining in some time. Nah, I'll stick to boot camp! But great thoughts.

  3. I've been going to Pole Pressure for over 2 years and it's always a great workout. Definitely great for toning up your abs and arms. They offer a FREE intro class every Saturday at noon at their 14th Street NW location.