Monday, January 14, 2013

Where To Eat With The D.C. Famous

It's nearly impossible to live in D.C. and not have someone tell you a story about the one time they bumped into (insert famous name here) while doing something mundane. Whether it is meeting Justice Ginsberg while she is grabbing her dry cleaning, or a story like me missing (literally) running into Calista Gingrich by a few inches on my way to the Newseum on election night, chances are if you live in this city, you have your own similar story. Now if you haven't lived here long and are looking for places to bump into the city's most powerful men and women, I've got you covered.

Capital Grille
If you are looking for THE place to see D.C. "celebs" look no further. The favorite restaurant of lobbyists, general counsel, and politicians alike, Capital Grille will not leave you disappointed in terms of patrons or food. Of course Capital Grille offers delicious steak, but their wine cellar is also unrivaled and their staff is beyond knowledgeable and helpful. If you're looking for something decadent, don't miss the lobster mac 'n cheese, it won't let you down. Located right of Pennsylvania Avenue, Capital Grille is an easy walk from Navy Archives station, and walkable from Chinatown or Metro Center. But, free valet parking is the best option on most nights, if you have a car.

Del Frisco's Grille
I've written about this before, check out my review here. But I'm not the only person in D.C. that raves about this place. Redskins players are frequent visitors, and politicians too. Whether it's the steak or the service, I can't be sure. All I know is that if you are looking to rub elbows with athletes or Senators, make Del Frisco's your first stop. I'm obsessed with the Nutella bread pudding and mini-taco appetizer, but I promise you, nothing will disappoint. Now, the Redskins players tab was around $7,000 (yes, thousand), here's hoping your bill won't be quite that high. Del Frisco's is easily walkable from Metro Center, on Pennsylvania Avenue. But, valet is also available.

Morton's Steak
Now I am a big fan of Morton's (Connecticut Avenue). Now if I'm being fully honest, it's probably because when my college friend Rob treated me here for my birthday the Morton's staff had a customized menu (wishing me a happy birthday) and even gave me complimentary Makers 46. But have no fear, every time I eat here I am both STUFFED and also swear I have never eaten anything more delicious in my life. I'm a steak eater so naturally, eating delicious red meat never gets old, but the mashed potatoes and green beans (with bacon) are maybe my favorite thing in the universe... that might be an overstatement, but seriously they are GOOOOOOOOD. My friends that work on The Hill tell me I am not alone in adoring Morton's. Senators and Congressmen alike are big fans of the steak joint, maybe it's the dedicated servers, or more than likely, it's the cigar collection on site, but either way, if you want to eat well, and in the company of the D.C. famous, then Morton's is your place. Morton's also offers valet, and there is parking on the opposite side of the entrance for a reduced rate if you show your Morton's receipt.

Capital Katie is a huge fan of this restaurant, as are many of D.C.'s power elite. Don't let the recent re-brand change your mind, Social Reform offers the same delicious food and caters to D.C.'s movers and shakers, offering, as you may have guessed, private caucus rooms. With entrees cleverly named "The Fiscal Cliff," "The Moderate," and "The Continental Congress" (fun fact that only my fellow political science nerds will appreciate, the Second Continental Congress opened on my birthday), it's obvious that Social Reform has a specific audience in mind. Located off 9th St. NW, self parking is available for just $6.00, or you can easily walk from Chinatown or Navy Archives. My favorite entree is the crab cake (duh), but even my most particular friends are happy with this venue, so make sure to book it, as Katie says, when Dad comes to visit.

So whether you're looking to impress your family when they come to visit, or you still get a little star struck, dining at these places won't let you down! Plus, and this is always a plus, the food is some of the best in the area. Feel free to share your stories about bumping into the D.C. famous around town in the comments.

Yours in Powerful Pugs,

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  1. You should also try the Oval Room - fantastic food and great location for power-shoulder-rubs.