Monday, January 7, 2013

Where To Eat In D.C. When On A Budget

New Year 2013
I can’t even lie to you and say I didn’t set new year’s resolutions for myself. Now before you start rolling your eyes and thinking, “Ugh, that RWB is so cliché,” I assure you these aren’t general run of the mill resolutions that somehow make me a whole new person simply because I snap my fingers. Instead, I like the idea of having a new slate in the new year and set goals that help make me the best version of myself. Now, drum roll please, in 2013 I’ve decided to be a more consistent blogger (let’s be honest, I sort of fell of the face of the Earth post-Thanksgiving) and also bolster my savings.

I am the first person to admit that eating out is one of my favorite things; this fact was only cemented when I downloaded the app and saw that I spent an INSANELY RIDICULOUS amount of my funds on dining out over the past few months. But, eating out shouldn’t mean we spend an arm and a leg on food each month. Instead, we should be able to grab a quick bite to eat, without breaking the bank.  

If you’re craving Thai food, the HANDS DOWN best place in the metro area is Bangkok 54 in south Arlington. Not only is it home to the most delicious Thai food around, it is cheap (and they deliver for free). My New York friends even swear it’s better than anything they order there, for my fellow Thai lovers, that’s saying something! My favorite meal is the Chicken Pad Thai, but nothing on the menu disappoints.

For my Tex-Mex fans, District Taco, originally a food truck and now a full-fledged restaurant can’t be beat. Whether you’re looking for the perfect breakfast taco, quesadillas for lunch, or guacamole and tacos for dinner, District Taco has you covered. Everything is made while you wait and fresh. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I would do questionable things for the guacamole here, it is THAT good. Follow them on Twitter to see where the food truck will stop each day, or stop by their official store on Lee Highway in Arlington, or the newly opened F Street NW location.

If the sea is calling your name, but you don’t want to shell out (see what I did there, I’m so comical) a ton of cash for surf and turf, try one of my favorite places, Tackle Box, in Georgetown. Whether crab cakes are your favorite, or you want to bring a lobster pot to your next party, Tackle Box is your place! Now some of you may be afraid that because the prices are so low, the quality is sacrificed, but I assure you that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is really the best of both worlds, delicious food, at half of the price of a regular seafood joint. Oh, fun fact: I once ran into my pseudo-celebrity crush, Luke Russert here.
Last but not least, D.C. is home to many restaurants started by famous chefs. But if heading to Michel Richard’s Citronelle isn’t exactly in your price range, why not try Bobby’s Burger Palace. I’ve written about this once before, and it really is one of my favorite places in the district. Here, you get the famous name, without the shocking price tag. Try my favorite, the L.A. burger and top it off with sweet potato fries and a bourbon milkshake, I promise, you won’t leave disappointed!

I may not be Rachael Ray living on $40 a day, but it is possible to eat well, without paying a fortune. Now I’ve certainly missed some budget friendly joints, so leave your favorite places to eat in the comments section!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Surfside in Glover Park. Soooo tasty. And every Wednesday is half price margarita pitchers!

  2. Great tips! Eating out is definitely my biggest/favorite splurge. As much as I love clothes, I am much more willing to pony up for food and booze on the regs!