Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where to Eat Burgers in the District

Disclaimer: P.S. I may or may not have written this while I was hungry.

Who doesn't love a good burger? A big, juicy, beef patty with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, and sauteed mushrooms? Pretty much the definition of deliciousness.

Me = terrible at resisting temptation
In addition, most burgers come with french fries, and anyone who knows me knows that I love french fries. In fact, in an attempt to cure myself of said love, I once tried to give up french fries for a New Year's resolution. 

Want to know how long I lasted? Approximately two weeks.

Below are some great spots to grab a burger in the District. And I should know. I may or may not have participated in a burger tour a few years ago, where we spent an entire Saturday hopping around town trying out different burger joints. And, yes, I ran eight miles the next day and didn't touch anything but veggies and fruit for a week after because I felt so disgusting. But, damn, it was good.

Darlington House's Cantina Pub
Darlington House is one of my go-to spots in Dupont. It's never overly packed, the crowd is always laid back and friendly, and there are lots of big TVs to watch sports. It's a good place for a random Thursday night happy hour, a chill Saturday night out, and to grab a really great burger.

DH offers a variety of burger options with different toppings. Whatever you decide to order, you won't be disappointed. The burgers are huge (don't expect to eat the entire thing unless you're a dude with a bottomless pit stomach) seasoned perfectly, and served on a fresh bun.

Good Stuff Eatery
Who knew ten years ago that reality TV would transform the culinary world? But it did. And one of those now famous celebrity chefs, Spike Mendelsohn, opened up shop right on Capitol Hill. Good Stuff Eatery, located on Pennsylvania Avenue, makes an awesome burger. Again, lots of options. In fact, the menu has 13 different types of burgers to choose from. I usually go for the pretty basic steak burger. But there are more eclectic options, too, including ones named after the President and First Lady. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong. Keep in mind that GSE is closed on Sundays. I tell you this so that you don't feel like this when you show up hungover on Sunday afternoon only to see a big, bold, CLOSED sign:

Not that I would ever react this way...
There are so many great things about Dino, located in the adorable Cleveland Park neighborhood. Fresh, local produce. Expansive, unique menu. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Kick ass, homemade cocktails. One more thing to add to the list? The burger. It's a big, juicy burger served on a fresh, crispy Italian bread with a side salad. Think your basic burger dressed up a bit. And Dino's offers a burger and beer special for $15 every night of the week in the bar area.  Great deal + adorable restaurant = what could be better?

Five Guys
Now, in all honesty I've only have a Five Guys burger when I've been sober ONCE. And it was about eight years ago. But there's nothing better than a Five Guys burger at 2am after the bars close. You can choose from about a ba-zillion toppings (I usually just go big and get all of them), and come with a brown paper bag full of fries that my friends and I used to call it the "endless bag of fries" because no matter how many we ate, we could never finish the bag.

The Big Board
Full disclosure? I've never actually eaten a burger sandwich at Big Board. But I have had the burger salad. What's this you ask? A green salad topped with a juicy burger. Sounds healthy right? It's not But I pretend it is because the burger is, hands down, one of the best burgers I've ever had. In addition to the burger salad, Big Board offers eight types of burgers. Oh, and try out the sweet potato fries. Also delicious.

So there you go. My favorite burger places in the District.

As always, I'm sure I'm missing some good spots, so please leave them in the comments section below.


  1. 5 Guys = Awesome! I can only think of one better place. Have RWB tell you about Mike's Grill (assuming she has been there), but it's not in DC.

  2. 5 guys was a comical inclusion. You should have said it's ONLY good when drunk at 2am. No burger place that uses frozen bitch patties cooked well-done rather than legit ground meat cooked medium rare belongs on a best burger list. Rather it belongs on a fast food list. The fries being good don't make the burgers legit.

  3. Big Buns in Ballston is really good--tons of toppings/sauces, and the fries are great. Plus they have different flavors of syrup that you can add to your fountain drink. Diet coke + cherry + vanilla is perfection. I also love Ted's Montana Grill in Ballston. They have bison and regular burgers, and their "z sauce" is epic.

  4. I'm a big fan of Shake Shack. I just get their veggie burger (which is fantastic), but my carnivorous friends say their regular burgers are great, too.

    1. Oh man, I love the shroom burger at Shake Shack. So much deliciousness!