Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where to Dance in Dupont Circle

For the past two days, I've been trying to come up with a blog post where I could use this video, but I came up blank. That being said, I still needed to post it.  Why? Because it's my future husband being fucking awesome.


And now back to your regularly scheduled program...

Where to Dance in Dupont Circle

One Lounge

One Lounge is sophisticated and cool during the week. It's a great spot for mid-week happy hours or  intimate date nights, and it's literally located half a block from the Dupont Metro. But come Friday and Saturday nights and the bar turns into a hot, amazing mess with live DJs spinning intense dance party music. People are drinking and dancing. The music is turned up loud. And the lights are turned down low. All good things.

Public Bar

While Public is a great spot to watch a game (it has approximately 867 flat screen televisions), it's also one of my favorite spots to dance in the District. It's conveniently located right on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont. Public has three floors, good music, and always a fun crowd. Best of all? After you get all hot and sweaty on the dance floor with a hot man? You can both head up to their rooftop to cool down a bit.


Rumors refers to itself on its website as a "Washington, D.C. landmark." I think this is because every 21-year-old intern that has ever lived in the District for the summer has gotten black out drunk at Rumors. If you are looking for shitfaced 22 year old girls, sketchy dudes, and a night you will probably not remember in the morning...Rumors is your place. It's got a big dance floor, bumping music by live DJs every Friday and Saturday night, and is always packed and dark. This is the bar you want to go to if you are really looking to make some bad decisions.

Eighteenth Street Lounge

18th Street Lounge is an old Victorian Mansion that is comprised of three different rooms and a rooftop deck. The Gold Room has vintage furniture and is perfect for sipping on martinis...but the real action happens in the Main Room where live DJs spin just about every type of music you can imagine. A recent discovery that I made? It is the place to be on Sunday nights because of the late night dance party it hosts.

Lucky Bar

Last but not least: Lucky Bar. I rarely go here because I always feel like I'm ancient compared to all the young GW undergrads that populate the dance floor. But the music is good, it's close to the venues mentioned above, and it's a good spot to add into a night of bar hopping.

Now get out there and do some dancing.  And if you need some dance lessons, just follow those of a one A.C. Slater:

Any spots that I'm missing?  Please add them into the comments section below!


  1. Best use of gifs. Hilarious! And I'm bookmarking this for if I ever feel like experiencing this kinda dance night.

  2. Rumors is referred to as a Washington DC Landmark, because in the 1980s they were listed in some magazine... like GQ or a similar type, as, "the number one pick-up spot in the nation."

  3. haha- thanks for the history:) I think it's hysterical!