Friday, October 12, 2012

What to do in the District this Weekend

After spending the past two nights out until last call, I feel like this today:

And would love to spend my entire weekend doing this:

But, alas, I'll rally and by 9pm tonight I'll be like this:

And it's not really going to be that hard to rally because there's so much fun stuff going on in and around the District this weekend, AND the weather is expected to be gorgeous.


Tonight it's Nats night! Game is at 8:30 so if you weren’t one of the lucky few that snagged tickets (or you were like me and just couldn’t justify spending $80 on standing room only tickets) find your favorite neighborhood joint, or a big sports bar and root on the Nats! If you want a loud, hooting and hollering crowd, check out Buffalo Billards, Red Line, Black Finn, Penn Social, Liberty Tavern, or Thirsty Ivy’s favorite spot, Duffy’s.

If you want a more laid back scene to watch the game, I recommend Maddy’s in Dupont Circle (or their new location downtown at 13th and L), Cleveland Park Bar and Grille, the Poor House on the hill, Star and Shamrock on H Street, or make it a fancy baseball watching experience and drink wine in the bar at Urbana.

I’m not going to offer any other ideas of things to do tonight, because this is the first time the playoffs have come to the District in 79 years. As Washingtonians we need to stick together and support our home team.  I might even trade in my cute going-out top and heels for my Nats t-shirt and flats tonight. I know, woah.


Last week, Katie shared all the fun Oktoberfest activities going on. And there are even more this weekend. Four of the Gamma Girls’ favorite bars are joining forces to host the Snallygaster Oktoberfest at the Yard’s Park. And, wait, it gets better. Not only will the event feature just craft beer, there will be over 153 different types. Yup, pretty much heaven for beer lovers. After, swing through the D.C. fish market for some fresh fish for dinner. Or head over to Haynes Point driving range to hit some golf balls.

You know what I have a love-hate relationship with? Haunted forests. I love them because they are sooo fall. It’s fun to travel out of town with friends to the middle of nowhere. To drink hot chocolate under a dark, clear sky. To smell the clean, crisp air. To wear boots and scarves and do something different for the night. But I also hate them because I am such a little scaredy-cat. I’m the girl that screams the entire time and insists on a giving the person next to me a death grip (Two years ago I may have been chased through the haunted forest by one of those crazy guys with the chain saw and my friends found me curled up in a fetal position under a hay stack. #truestory). That said, by the far the best haunted forest around is Markoff’s Haunted Forest in Poolesville, Maryland.  Get together a group of friends and head out to the boonies for the night.

If you’re not obsessed with all things fall like me, or you don’t want to lose your voice from screaming, Sign of the Whale is hosting a “Little Black Dress Party.” What is this you ask? Wear a LBD and get $3.00 drinks from 8pm-11pm. And if you can scrounge up a group of four or more, you get a free bottle of champagne.


Now that the humidity is finally gone and the chilly weather is setting in, it’s about that time to really start assessing your fall and winter wardrobes. Put together the list of new things you need and then head over to Violet Boutique in Adams Morgan to meet up with the Ladies Who Lush for a…wait for it… shopping crawl!  This event will include stopping at boutiques, restaurants, and bars up and down 18th Street and U Street…ending with a boozy brunch at Masa 14. Fact: Masa 14 has one of the best boozy brunches in all of the District.

There you go.  A full weekend of fun stuff to do in and around the District. Happy Friday!

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