Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Where to Buy Stationery in the District

A few years ago, my mother bought me a lovely, and super useful, hand-fan in China (the one in Epcot, obviously). I packed it carefully for my crosstown move last winter and couldn't find it again once the warm weather started to melt my face off.

So, I did what any other grown woman would do in this situation ... I called my mother.

"Mombo, if you were my Chinese fan, where would you be hiding?" Mombo: "In your stationery drawer."


Now, I've retold this very exciting life story several times, and all but one time I heard "what's a stationery drawer?" in response.

Umm... where else do you keep your stationery? You don't have stationery? On what do you write letters and thank-you notes? You don't even know what a Forever Stamp is? 

Whooooo arrrrre youuuuu?

But seriously... I know that in the age of email, texting, and tweeting, few people take the time to send a hand-written note with more than 140 characters. I, however, am single-handedly trying to reverse this trend and am using this post to gain converts. READ ON!

Let's break it down ... how much effort is really required? 

It took me less than 3 minutes on Thursday to write a  heartfelt note to my college friend to say that I hope her first month with the new baby is going well. The impact? MONUMENTAL. This stressed-out mama was beyond thrilled to receive a non-bill in the mail that was strictly for her, not the baby (yes, I sent a "welcome to the world" card a month ago). 

In terms of gifts/friendly gestures, it's about as cheap as you can get!

Add postage (seriously, learn what Forever Stamps are and stock up!), ink (I write with cartridge pens and even they're very affordable), and the paper or card (Crane half-sheets are my favorite), and you can spend as little as $2 per note. Yes, customized stationery will set you back more, but I save a bit by only embossing my name and not my address (smart when you aren't quite settled yet). 

Where to Buy Stationery in the District (a shortlist)

Check out some my favorite stationery stores in the district and buy your own starter-kit of notecards or personalized stationery!

Georgetown Location of Dandelion Patch: Source

 Just Paper & Tea - 3232 P St. NW


And a few chain-stores that I frequent too often, because they're so close to my house ...
  • Papyrus - 1300 Wisconsin Ave. NW and 40 Massachusetts Ave. NE (Union Station) 

True to form, there are handwritten thank-you notes in each and every one of our AMAZING swag bags for the One at One party TONIGHT!!

If it were feasible to write a note of thanks to each of you that show up tonight and those who wish they could, you know we would! We are so excited to see you and THANK YOU for your support this year! 

We'll see y'all tonight at One Lounge at 6 p.m.! 

No post-party note needed!

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  1. OK, so here is my non-hand written electronic thank you note for a great party last night.

    If you are into stationary and hand written notes you need to get into the child market. My goodness all the unwritten etiquettes around written notes for birthdays, party favors, thank you notes for gifts, choosing the right gift when your child is a guest. A maelstrom of potential hand written stationaried activity!

    And finally a heart felt congratulations and good luck for another great year of Doing the District!