Friday, August 17, 2012

What to Do in the District This Weekend


Yes, folks, you made it through another rough week, and now it's time to kick back, cut loose, let your hair down and any other cliche you can think of to signify an acceptable celebration of a break from work.

But what if you don't have any cut-loose plans? Not to worry -- the Gamma Girls are here to guide you in the direction of fun.


D.C. Beer Week ends tomorrow, so if you haven't thrown back a pint or two yet, don't miss your chance! Tonight, head to Smith Commons on H Street for Northeast Brewery Night with craft offerings from breweries on the Northeastern side of the U.S. Or check out ChurchKey in Logan Circle, where DC Brau and Bluejacket breweries will be unveiling their collaboration ale. If you're a Sam Adams lover, there are no less than three bars that will be tapping their brews: Thunder Burger and Bar in Georgetown, Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan and Bourbon in Glover Park.

Always a good decision!

There's also still time to catch the summer concert series at Yards Park in the Waterfront district! Tonight, it's Jimi Smooth and Hit Time, which apparently means it's a concert of the Motown/soul variety.

And remember when I told you all to get excited about H Street Northeast? The time has arrived!

Cusbah features a henna-tattoo-like paint detail.
This weekend marks the opening of Le Grenier, a French restaurant whose name means "the attic." Add that to the other recent additions of H & Pizza, which is pretty self-evident what they serve, and Cusbah, which advertises "South-Asian spice cuisine," and you've got yourself a pig-out party!


Also ending this weekend is the 64th Annual Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, where you'll be able to satisfy all your cravings for fried food and farm animals:

Hoo-boy, look at the udders on her!

In addition to that, there will be pig, duck and goat races; Demolition Derby and Monster Trucks; magic shows; poodle shows (Side note: WTF is a poodle show?); and much, much more.

To get there, plug 596 N. Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, MD, into your GPS and head on out the door.

If farming is not your thing, perhaps jewelry and cute clothes are? Check out the launch party for the website Carnelian Boutique, an online clothing retailer of adorable women's clothes and accessories. The store is named after a reddish, semi-precious gemstone that appears in much of their jewelry (on a personal note: I checked out their site, and I LOVE everything about it).
Carnelian ring from
Carnelian Boutique
Since the store isn't a brick-and-mortar location, the site is throwing the party at Tabula Rasa, an event space on Barracks Row. Click this link to sign up for either the pop-up shop, where they'll be hawking their wares from 12-5 p.m., or the launch party, from 5-8 p.m.

Tabula Rasa: 731 8th St. SE, Eastern Market Metro


After all the eating, boozing and bad decisions you've made on the previous two nights, Sunday should be spent catching up on sleep, eating breakfast proteins and detoxing.

Trek up to Rockville, Md., to get a beautiful mani/pedi at Cindy Nails.

Or for $60, binge on delicious pig products at the Third Annual Porc Out, a pig lover's festival held at Bourbon Steak. It's all you can eat and drink!!!

And with that, since everyone else is peacing out for the weekend, I suppose I will too.

Now go have a blast!!!

*This is how my boyfriend chooses to wake me up on Friday mornings. If I didn't love him, I would stab him.

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