Monday, August 6, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer: Where You And Your Four Legged Friend Are Welcomed

Most of you know I am a proud Pug owner (and if you don’t, you obviously don’t follow me on Twitter and listen to me rave about her and her sassiness). As you can imagine, Lols and I are a package deal. She rides in style in her safety first car seat (see below), floats on rafts in the pool, and accompanies me on road trips to Blacksburg to visit my sister for Hokie game days (our family is really into VT football). It can be said that, generally speaking, where I am, a Pug is close behind.

Seriously. How cute is she?
Because Lord Tubbington and I tend to travel as a pair, one of my favorite things about the D.C. area is that you can find dog-friendly places all around. Like most dog owners, I will choose to patronize dog-friendly stores always, because Lola loves to shop (she get it from her mama – oh hayyyy Juvenile throwback, you’re welcome) and also like her mom, Lols is quite good at happy houring.

So for my fellow dog-owning DTD readers if you are looking for a great spot to hang out with your pooch, look no further because I’ve got this. In other words, dog friendly venues are my jam, y’all.

Yappy Hours
It’s no secret that I love a good drink (hello, my name is Red White and BOURBON). And when drinking is combined with dogs, high-fives all around because we have hit the JACKPOT! SIDE NOTE: I am also obsessed with America and high-fiving during competitions, so you can imagine how thrilled people are to watch the Olympics with me.

Shout Out to Fellow Marylander, Phelps! You're my boy, Blue.
And now back to dog friendly happy hours, commonly referred to as “Yappy Hours.” (Hey, I didn't coin the phrase, just keeping it real here).

Since I was talking about my love for America and the Olympics earlier, what better way to start than the Doglympis. For all you sporting dog owners - if you think your pup has what it takes to go for the gold, then the Doglympics Yappy Hour at the Blue Banana is for you. From 6-9 p.m. on Aug. 16 stop by for Olympic-worthy games and medals for dogs. Plus with drink specials and dog treats all night, you’re sure to leave with an exhausted, tail-wagging puppy. And it's for a great cause, too, 20 percent of proceeds go to help end pet homelessness in the district.

If sporting events aren’t your style (or your dog's) then maybe Larry’s Lounge (Dupont/Adam’s Morgan) is for you. This low-key place welcomes everyone, two-legged or four. You know those places you go and make a best friend for the night… yep, that will happen here. And if you have a cute puppy as a date, you are most certainly going to grab attention.

If you’re in the mood to get something to eat for you and your pooch, along with a delicious cocktail, Art & Soul has a menu dedicated for their four-legged friends. Not only is there non-alcoholic beer for dogs, but steak and gravy, and treats are available as well. Don’t worry the human food is pretty good, too!

For my fellow K-Street workers, check out Canines on the Courtyard every Wednesday from now through September at the Washington Hilton. Not only are doggies welcomed, but proceeds from all “Bark-A-Rita” margarita drinks are donated to the Washington Humane Society. Just make sure to call ahead because weather events (extreme heat/rain) can cause cancellation.

Last but not least, if you are really looking for the pinnacle dog-friendly experience look no further than Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria. First, for anyone who has guests with pets coming into town, any number of pets without size or weight restrictions are welcomed as overnight guests. However, more importantly to us locals, they host one of the most fabulous dog happy hours in the area. Every Tuesday and Thursday (April-October) Jackson 20 (the restaurant inside Hotel Monaco) caters to man’s best friend. Beginning at 5 PM, treats and water are provided for dogs and custom cocktails are created for their owners. It has really become a community event and I encourage any dog owner to check it out at least once. Plus, they even have an on-staff Bichon that is the main concierge for puppy guests. (Yes, little things like this get me).

Shop Til You Drop
Since I live in Rosslyn, when the weather is nice (read some days in April and October) Lola and I casually stroll over the Key Bridge to do some shopping and people watching and by stroll I mean, I end up carrying her because she looks like she is ready to have a heart attack. Fortunately, most stores along M Street are dog friendly and allow leashed and friendly dogs to stop in as they please. In fact, my favorite place in the universe, Vineyard Vines, even caters to dog owners and has treats available for puppies along with a water bowl. Plus, they often have 10% discounts where proceeds benefit animal rescue organizations.

For my fellow Virginians, Market Common Clarendon is a great center filled with everything you may need: Pottery Barn, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Crate & Barrel, and The Container Store. Seriously, it’s my own little slice of heaven. Most of the stores here are dog-friendly and love to see a cute pooch stroll in. So the next time you have a craving to redecorate or spruce up your place, bring your dog along and you won’t be disappointed.

All Nats fans, back by popular demand is Pups in the Park the fourth (and final) game is Nats v. Brewers and tickets are still available. But hurry because these sell out quickly. All seats are located in the outfield reserve and dogs must have a ticket along with their owners. People tickets are $22 and dog tickets are $8. All proceeds go to Washington Humane Society. Plus, Dierks Biently is performing post-game. So seriously, it's a MUST ATTEND

Pups Crowd
If cocktail attire is more your style, one of my favorite charity events in D.C. is Fashion for Paws, a runway show for you guessed it, adorable dogs. While this event is over for 2012, be on the lookout for it in 2013. Fellow dog lovers dressed fabulously, alongside their dog, while supporting a great cause... it doesn’t get much better!

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to make a difference,  2012 Pet-A-Palooza is a dog-friendly community event that not only includes a walk to raise money to help in pet homelessness in D.C., but also has pet entertainment, adoption, exhibitors, and live music. It’s sure to be a hit! And since it’s in September, it won’t be a sauna outside.

Love Dogs But Don’t Own One of Your Own?
Now for those fellow dog lovers that currently don’t own a doggie, one of my favorite places to eat is the Lost Dog Café. This neighborhood restaurant is owned and operated by one of the largest dog and cat rescue organizations in the area. It is really a great way to not only eat delicious food but help make a difference in the lives of a four legged friend.

Ladies and gentlemen, round up your dogs and hit the town! Chances are Lola and I will be at some of these events. If you see a bespectacled gal carrying around a slightly overweight Pug that decided walking is too much, that’s me.

Yours in Hugs and Pugs,


  1. Lord/Lady Tubbs looks great in those wonderful Hokie fall colors; good job!

  2. Big shout out to Pups in the Park, went to the July game with my pup and it was a hit despite the heat. If you venture slightly outside the city, you can always try PubDog too. Dogs are welcome there anytime on the patio. :)

  3. Ryan - Lord Tubbington is a rip-off of Glee. Britney S. Pierce calls her cat that, and I thought it was appropriate for Lola, since she has no real ambition for movement. Also, proof that God loves the Hokies: the leaves turn maroon and orange every fall. So ready for Blacksburg!

    Gertie - I'll need to try PubDog. Sounds perfect. And I've had several other responses on Twitter, too. Most VA vineyards welcome dogs, so that is always a fun option.

    Keep the suggestions coming, folks, I LOVE finding new places to venture with Lols.

  4. So you need to do a Blacksburg post:

    Where to get the best Burger:

    Best dog walking place (assuming you are not walking a Lord Tubbington):

    Want to send you some info on the Lost Dog Cafe as well but not here!