Monday, July 9, 2012

Where to Eat Fried Chicken in The District

So as most of you know, Paula Deen is my girl. When I’m cooking for guests, my food generally comes from her Southern Cooking Bible (covered in flour and stained from food particles spilling onto it because I use it so much) and family recipes. I swear, I am the only person under the age of 65 that takes a cookbook to the grocery store with her. Naturally, since Ms. Deen is my homegirl, it makes perfect sense that I love me some fried chicken. I’ve mentioned this briefly before in my review of Central, but that really does very little justice to my obsession with this deep fried deliciousness. In fact, at brunch on Sunday, when I was debating whether to order chicken and waffles for breakfast (after eating fried chicken the night before), my sister commented, “RWB, have you ever said no to fried chicken,” and she was exactly right. I just can’t get enough. Hi, my name is RWB and I am a fried chicken addict.” But, lucky for you, my addiction means that I know the best places in our fair city to find fried chicken that won’t disappoint.

First off, and any good southern man or woman will tell you this, nothing in this world cures a hangover like a giant sweet tea, fried chicken, and biscuits from Bojangles. Now, before last year, in order to find the closest Bojangles you had to drive into the middle of nowhere Virginia, or to questionable parts of D.C. in order to get your fix. But ladies and gentleman Bojangles is now available in Union Station. Yes, that’s right, hop on the red line and you are on your way to nothing short of amazing. For those of you that are shaking your head saying, “Oh, well what about Popeye’s or KFC, isn’t that the same thing?” I respond, “HECK NO! THAT IS BLASPHEMOUS TALK!” Yes, I am that serious about my fried chicken. I promise you, once you have yourself some Bojangles you will never want anything else again. In fact, some of you may remember the “Bojangles-gate from November 2011, that’s how seriously southerners take Bojangles.

Now in all honesty, my mother’s chicken and waffles is one of my favorite foods in the world and nothing really compares. While unfortunately I cannot send people to her home (although she honestly probably wouldn’t mind because she loves to entertain) the second closest thing to my mama’s homemade waffles is the chicken and waffles platter at Crème on U Street. The waffles are fluffy and the chicken is cooked just right, it’s not dry or overly greasy. Add some (and by some I mean copious amounts of) butter and maple syrup and golly do you have yourself heaven on a plate. If that hasn’t sold you on Crème, you should know that they offer endless mimosas during brunch. So, it is pretty much impossible for you to leave Crème anything but a happy camper! Just make sure to make reservations because brunch fills up quickly. Parking can also be a challenge so Metro or cabbing it is best on weekends.

Another one of my fried chicken favorites is Founding Farmers on Pennsylvania Ave. While I’ve never been here for brunch (I have heard nothing but rave reviews so reservations are a MUST) I have dined here a few times for lunch and dinner. The fried chicken and waffle entree is like an explosion of awesomeness in your mouth. After one bite your eyes will light up and you will say, “Goodness gracious how did I never order this before?” Again, there’s something about the mix of deep fried chicken, warm fluffy waffles, butter and tons of syrup that creates perfection. Mmmmmmm. But if chicken and waffles aren’t up your alley then another one of my fried chicken choices at Founding Farmer’s is the Southern Fried Chicken Salad. Now, this is one of those “SINO” type entrees (Salad In Name Only-probably not particularly healthy), but man oh man is it yummy. The mix of avocado, cheese, bacon, and fried chicken all tossed together in a homemade honey mustard sauce will have your taste buds dancing for joy. 


Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Central’s fried chicken again. Yes, I know I already covered this in my review of Central, but it really is my fried chicken mother ship. I don’t know whether it is because it is served with mashed potatoes that are the perfect texture, or because the chicken is hand breaded and pan-fried, but I promise you, this fried chicken is beyond fantastic. It is light and crispy and best of all, you don’t have to eat like a caveman because the bones are removed. I have eaten at Central at least 40 times in the past two years (I used to work a block away) and have never strayed from ordering the fried chicken. What I would do to get my hands on that recipe. Chef Michel Richard if you are reading this, help a girl out!

Now that my mouth is watering I think I will sign off and peruse Pinterest, Southern Living, and Paula Deen’s website for some new fried chicken recipes. And y'all think I’m joking…

Yours In Crisco,


  1. So when can I come over for dinner! Looks awesome! Love Bojangles biscuits and I live for Sweet Tea (although my personal preference is Chick Fil A).

    Out in the Outer 'burbs AC&T Convenience Stores actually have some of the best fried chicken available if you can believe it.

    1. Feel free to pop by whenever, I have never fully mastered the cooking for a few concept and end up making enough for a small army! I also think I am now banished to some sort of chicken hell for failing to mention Chick Fil-A. You are absolutely correct that they have the best sweet tea (aside from mine, mostly joking). The CFA in Crystal City even has a giant container of Old Bay for you to sprinkle on your waffle fries. Life changing.

      Where are the AC&Ts around here, they are everywhere where I grew up in MD. You are so right-the chicken is finger-licking good.

      Fun fact: This is the third time I posted this because apparently I cannot write anything correctly today. English fail, RWB.

  2. You know I forgot to add chicken and waffles? Why not both!

    See this clip from Larry King and Snoop Dog:

  3. Have you tried Oohhs & Aahhs on U street?!?! We just went there last night and it was amazing!!!!