Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Best Cupcake in the District

Have you ever wondered where to get the best cupcake in the District?

If yes, read on! If no, then we probably wouldn't be friends in real life (just kidding...kinda).

A few weeks ago my wonderful roommate threw me one hell of a birthday party. The theme was a "cupcake tasting." Yup, I do have the best roommate ever in the history of roommates. I found her on craigslist two years ago and it was pretty much love at first sight.

In preparation for the party, my roommate pre-ordered cupcakes from the following D.C. area bakeries*:
The cupcakes displayed at my party

Baked and Wired


Georgetown Cupcake


Red Velvet

Buzz Bakery

Safeway (just for shits and giggles)

Now, we all know the key feature to any accurate taste testing is that the participants do not know what they are tasting. Aka a true blind taste test.

So, my roommate set up an elaborate blind taste testing system. She labeled each type of cupcake so that she knew which cupcakes were from where but no one else did. She handed out pieces of paper and pens so that we could each record our votes. There were approximately 16 participants in the taste testing.

First**, we voted on what bakery we thought would win the test. The general consensus among the 16 tasters was Baked and Wired.

Next, one-by-one, we tried a slice of each type of cupcake. We did not know what type we were trying. At the end we voted on our favorite. My roommate tallied up the votes and announced the winner.

The winner? Georgetown Cupcake.

I must say that I was a little disappointed because I think that GT Cupcake gets too much hype. That the show is what makes the cupcakes popular. But, I was wrong. The cream cheese frosting was the best frosting and the cupcake itself was extremely moist and chocolatey.

The second place? Safeway.

BUT I think this was rigged. Three of the guys attending the party guessed which cupcake was Safeway (it wasn't hard -- the frosting tasted like a mixture of plastic and sugar) and voted for it just to be pains in the ass(no surprise here, but it was Matt from Third Date Cooking and his two friends).

So, there you have it. Georgetown Cupcakes has the best cupcake in the District (out of the places that we tried).

Insiders tip: next time you need cupcakes, pre-order them and you can cut the line at Georgetown Cupcakes. It was pretty awesome to waltz past all the tourists waiting in line.

* I know that are many more cupcakeries in the District, but we had to narrow it down to a reasonable level.

**Actually, that's a lie. The first thing we did was pop some champagne and chow down on homemade lobster rolls I made with the 20 live Maine lobsters my kick-ass brother shipped down to me as a birthday present.


  1. Shut. Up. I feel the same way about GC (that it's unnecessary hyped up), so now I'm stunned. Baked & Wired is usually my fave in the District, but maybe I'll try to have a more open mind about GC now!

  2. Ugh, I'm not a fan of Georgetown Cupcakes, either. My bf loves them (his reasoning is that it has a better cake:frosting ratio, but I think it's *too* much frosting), and so I've eaten several. I still think Baked and Wired is better. Love the chocolate satin (vanilla cake with chocolate ganache).

  3. The two times I've tried a GT Cupcake, I was disappointed by it being a bit too dry. But, that might have been in some way related to the fact that both of those times, I was given them for free in store (and they might have been leftover from the day before or something), so my lack of being a paying customer might have been part of the cause. It's also worth noting, I'm not a true cupcake aficionado in that my only frame of reference was to compare against regular cake.

    (And in case someone is wondering how I managed to get free cupcakes, it was because at that time I was working for a company that GT Cupcakes contracted to do work for them.)

  4. I also hate having to admit that GTC is actually good. But they are. I will only eat them, however, if they are given to me. You will never see me standing in a cupcake line. That being said, however, the super unique flavors and enormous sizes at Baked&Wired will always keep me coming back whenever I'm in Georgetown. Wondering what you guys thought of Crumbs? After trying literally hundreds of cupcakes, they are the only ones I've ever found to be actually gross and couldn't even finish. But maybe that's just me.

  5. Hilary- so I had high hopes for the Crumbs cupcake. Prior to my party, I had only had Crumbs cupcakes twice but both times they were delicious. BUT Crumbs came in LAST PLACE at my party. My favorite cupcakery has always been Sprinkles- which fell in the middle.

    That said, if you are ever looking for a little piece of heaven order the banana bread cupcake with chocolate frosting from Sprinkles. Yum.