Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where to Eat Wings and Drink Beer: Duffy's Irish Pub

If you read Katie's tips for a fun weekend in the city last week, or if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I celebrated my birthday by dragging my girlfriends to SAVOR, an American craft beer experience at The National Building Museum. Yes, most people were there to taste some of the best beer this nation has ever made (as was I), but I didn't want the other guests to miss out on the opportunity to toast to me and shower me with well-wishes ... so I covered my dress in birthday stickers.

This was certainly one of my better ideas. Brewers and drinkers alike went out of their way to help me ring in 29 like the hophead that I am! A special shoutout to Ska and Laurelwood breweries for the swag (not goodies distributed to the general attendees, I might add)!

You'd think that after a night like that I'd have no interest in more beer on Sunday (my actual birthday) ... but you'd be DEAD WRONG.

I elected to spend my birthday night with some of my favorite people drinking some of my favorite beer and eating some of my favorite food at one of my favorite bars.

Translation: I spent the night with close family friends, enjoying Chocolate City's Cornerstone Copper Ale (to be honest, it wasn't my first or second choice, but they were out of several brews - guess I wasn't the only thirsty one!), going to town on a plate of chicken wings at Duffy's Irish Pub.

Best logo ever, right?
I've been an avid patron of this not-so-divey dive bar from the moment I moved to D.C. in July of 2009. They'd advertised a night of $2 Guinness/Smithwick's, which was enough to make me and my high school pal come running. (Just so you don't get your hopes up ... this special has long since expired. Good Happy Hour deals can still be had though! They even do a Late Night Happy Hour Monday-Wednesday after 10pm.)

Andy, the owner, greeted us and asked for our I.D.s. After learning that all three of us are from small towns in Florida, we were instant friends. My buddy and I didn't eat anything that night (but definitely should have), so it was another month or so before I fell in love with their food.

Photo Credit: Washington City Paper
The menu at Duffy's has evolved over the last several years, ditching some of the more traditional Irish favorites (i.e. shepherd's pie, much to the dismay of my father and my brother's best friend) but saving their most popular item - THE WINGS!

In case you didn't know, Duffy's has consistently ranked at the top of the Washington City Paper's reader poll as the Best Wings in the city ... and for good reason!

They offer several varieties: mild, medium, hot, spicy or honey BBQ, spicy Asian, and Chesapeake (charbroiled wings with Old Bay).

I'm a big fan of black pepper (in fact, I even have a pepper grinder in my desk at work alongside a bottle of hot sauce), so I usually go for the mild, a black pepper-based sauce that still gives a decent kick. On Sunday, I also treated myself to some guilt-free french fries (because it was my birthday and that's how it works). For those of you craving carbs, with or without a side of guilt, I should mention that they also have amazing tots, fried pickles, and onion rings!

Monster Burger
I don't eat beef or pork but if you do and are SUPER hungry, you should be a hero and order the monster burger. Yes, those are grilled cheese sandwiches standing in for the regular, boring hamburger bun.
Photo Source

Be honest, you're thinking that would be the perfect meal to chow down on in front of a big game (on one of their many flat-screens)! Am I right?

If you're headed to a concert or a dance party at the 9:30 Club (it's directly across the street), you should also know that Duffy's is my favorite pre- and post-show spot in the area. Keep your eyes on Twitter or Facebook for nightly specials (sometimes you can show your ticket and get a free shot with your post-concert beer).

When I lived closer (and by that I mean within a couple of Green Line stops), I was there weekly and people knew my name. Now I'm a less-frequent visitor and, thus, lost my "regular" status. This makes me sad. But spending my birthday with great people, good beer, and delicious wings made me oh so HAPPY!

Go be happy at Duffy's too!


  1. Its very dark in the place which adds to its chill vibe plus wifi makes it a great place to get work done or drink with someone special. They also have the best music playlist in the city hands down.

  2. I imagine this place is quite pricey for a wedding, but everything justifies the cost. Even the bathroom was very nice with marble and real towels instead of just paper towels.