Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where to Drink Gin in the District

A while back, I let y'all take a peek inside my fridge and, if you recall, it's mostly used for storing beer. Curious about what the rest of my home-bar situation looks like?

Here you go:

A family portrait.
1. Let me just allay your fears and explain that Mama Gin (the standard 1L size, for scale) isn't ill, she's simply frozen.

2. A warning to our dear readers: If you make your liquor preferences known (as I have), you will receive no other gifts ... ever. I do enjoy other labels as well, but I'm in a "love the one you're with" situation right now.

3. Please know that I have no intention of tackling this stash solo. Even if I drank every day or even every week (which isn't always the case), I'd be OLD by the time I polished it all off. Thus, I'm already planning on setting up a martini bar and inviting my best gals over to celebrate being awesome!

4. Since I can't fit all y'all (yes, I'm Southern) in my cozy apartment, I thought I'd give you some great options for enjoying your own helping of gin elsewhere in the district.

An Ode to Gin:
What to Order and Where to Find it 
in the District

Gin for Washingtonians
Our city's official cocktail, the Gin Rickey at

Learn from the master, Derek Brown, in 
What Goes Into a 1920s Prohibition Cocktail

Gin for Anglophiles 
(or just future Olympics-watchers)
Pimm's Cup No. 13 at Againn with my preferred spirit pairing:

Photo Credit

Gin for Brunchers
The Queen's Mary at Mie n Yu.

Gin for Southerners
A gin julep at the Round Robin Bar.
(Yes, the bartender will give you a hard time, 
but press on - it's worth it!)

Photo courtesy of my cousin.

Gin for James Bond
(for when he runs out of vodka)
An up or dirty gin martini, shaken or stirred, at Dirty Martini (duh).

Photo Credit

Gin for Non-Vegans
A Sloe Gin Fizz at The Gibson.

Photo Credit

Gin for The Philly Transplant/ Comedy Lover
An It's Always Sunny [in Philly] at Wisdom.
Yes, that's really what it's called, 
and it's made with Bluecoat Gin and Danny DeVito's limoncello.

Photo Credit

Gin for the Connoisseur
Practically anything at The Gin Joint.

New Heights Restaurant

Pick your flavor, give it a whirl, and report back with your own recommendations. And, as always, please drink well (and responsibly too)!

Cheers, y'all!

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