Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where to Eat Sushi: Sushiko and Oya

As Washingtonians, we're lucky to have a whole host of sushi places to choose from all over the District. However, back in the day there were, gasp, no sushi restaurants in our Nation's Capital. In fact, the first sushi restaurant didn't open in Washington, D.C. until 1976. What place is this? Sushiko in Glover Park.

And it's still one of the best sushi places in town.

I know you're all thinking, "But that's soooo farrrr, Kate. It's not even metro accessible.”

Please, just hear me out, okay?
Sushiko's Wisconsin Ave exterior
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I first discovered Sushiko in 2004 when a much older co-worker told me about it. I was hooked after my very first visit.

Sushiko is a small little restaurant right on Wisconsin Avenue in the heart of Glover Park. The outside is plain. The inside is sparsely decorated and unpretentious. Nevertheless, the sushi is legit. In fact, Sushiko is one of the only sushi restaurants in D.C. that receives fish deliveries six days a week (most only receive deliveries two days a week). As a result, the fish is fresh and delicious.

The menu is extensive. In fact, when I went a few weeks ago my date and I spent a ton of time ohhing and ahhhing over the different options and took forever to decide what to order.

There's the sushi restaurant staples--- Salmon, Yellowtail, Tuna--- but then there's the unique options, like a Japanese fish called Cobia, and the chef is constantly creating new dishes and rolls. It also has an expansive wine and sake list.

Sushiko has a second location in Chevy Chase, where you can expect the same quality sushi with a more upscale atmosphere.

And speaking of upscale...the second sushi restaurant that I frequent excessively (including last night) is Oya.

While Sushiko is quiet, quaint, and a little off the beaten path, Oya is chic, sophisticated, and right in the middle of the hustle and bustle on 9th Street in Chinatown.

Oya's lounge/bar area
I first discovered Oya last fall when I met a guy I was dating for dinner and drinks one night after work. It was the perfect impromptu post-work date spot.

The decor is modern with white floors and furniture, large mirrors, and interesting features, including a wall of faux roses in one corner and a large ornate chandelier hanging over the bar.

I prefer the bar area over the restaurant. The bar has lots of seating options. A long bar. High tops around the bar's parameter. And, my favorite-- two different lounge areas with over-stuffed pillows and cozy seating. Perfect for a date with a cute man so that you can rub legs and flirt. Perfect for happy hour with a close friend so that you can gab back and forth while sipping on wine.

Sushi platter at Oya
Oh, and addition to a pretty kick-ass menu (like with Sushiko, I can never decide what to order) the happy hour in the bar goes all night and features half price rolls, wine, and specialty drinks. A few of my favorite dishes are the spicy crunch tuna roll and the rainbow roll.

If you'd prefer to sit in the dining room, there's a great pre-fixed menu. For $35 you get your choice of appetizer, entree, and dessert.

I hope that you'll try out one of these places the next time you're craving some delicious sushi. Whether you're looking for a quiet place in a cozy neighborhood, or a livelier scene with a modern vibe, I promise neither will disappoint.


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