Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where to Eat and Drink THIS Saturday!

If you hadn't noticed, I love my little corner of D.C. Turns out, science does too -- sort of. Researchers at The Brookings Institution recently released a study on the walkability of the city's various neighborhoods. No surprise, Georgetown was at the top.

Within 2 blocks of my apartment, I can find dozens of the city's best restaurants, bars, clothing and shoe stores, dry cleaners, coffee shops, nail and hair salons, liquor stores, card shops, furniture and art galleries, a post office and shipping stores, etc. After living in the far northeastern (read: isolated) section of the city for more than two years, I can't tell you how amazing this is! I even sent my car home to FL to live with my parents, because it would just cramp my pedestrian lifestyle.

Here's the downside: I'm often indecisive, and some nights the staggering number of dinner options cripples me, leaving me standing on the corner starving, not knowing where to go. Yes, sometimes that means I end up eating yogurt and granola at home instead. Don't judge me.

Here's the solution: The Taste of Georgetown. Rather than facing the nearly impossible-for-me decision of where to eat/drink, some of the best local spots all gather in one place for our enjoyment this Saturday, June 2, from 11am - 4pm. 

I've never been before, but I'm super excited and already have a handful of food and drink tickets (don't worry; I'm sharing with friends!). You can get your own here.

My neighbor, Appealing Kate, is no stranger to this popular event and assures me that my tummy will be happy, and I tend to trust her opinion, especially when it comes to drinking and eating well in the district!

Some of my favorite places (namely Baked and Wired, Paolo's, and Cafe Bonaparte) will be there, and there are several other participating restaurants that I'm excited to try (Sequoia and Sea Catch, specifically).

As for the "Wine, Ale, & Spirits Pavilion," you can expect a hefty selection of craft beers (because, really, I might not show up otherwise). Also, did you know that Dave Matthews (yes that one) owns wineries? Well, he does, and the CA label is named after a song. Guess which one?! No, you're wrong. It's not called Tripping Billies.

Anyway... I hear that The Dreaming Tree wines will be featured in the booze pavilion, and I'll admit it - I'm curious.

I'll definitely be avoiding this dude - people on stilts scare me!
Photo source

Did I mention that there's live music and beautiful weather planned too (for now, the weekend weather looks amazing and hyperthermia-alert free!)? All ingredients for one hell of a good and delicious Saturday!

As if that weren't enough, the event also gives back to the community. The Taste of Georgetown benefits the Georgetown Ministry Center's services supporting the homeless. (The GMC is also in the neighborhood, tucked in Waters Alley off of Wisconsin Avenue.)

I recommend walking, busing, or biking. Weekends in Georgetown are always a bit crowded. Add a street festival and blocked-off routes into the mix, and driving is sure to be unpleasant. If you're headed to the Nats' game that afternoon as well, you should look into the ferry. It leaves from the Georgetown Waterfront and takes the truly scenic route to the stadium.

Welcome to my neighborhood!


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