Friday, May 25, 2012

Where to Drink Wine and Eat Food: Screwtop


Now that many of my friends live in Court House and Clarendon,  I've stopped kicking and screaming whenever one of them suggests meeting up in Virginia and just started to accept that at least one or two nights a week I'm going to be crossing the river.  But places like Screwtop make it a hell of a lot easier to do that.
Screwtop is a small wine bar about two blocks from the Clarendon metro on North Fillmore Street.  Actually, it's part wine bar, part wine store, part cheese shop, and part amazingness. 
The wine list, as you can expect, is expansive.  The food is de-fucking-licious.  And despite Screwtop's location--- on the first floor of one of the many high rise apartment buildings in Clarendon---as soon as you walk in the door, it's charming and has that "cozy neighborhood bar" vibe.

Source: The Washingtonian

I first discovered Screwtop last July when some girlfriends suggested we meet there for drinks after work one night. 
I was skeptical, but it far exceeded my expectations.  In fact, I've since been back many times.  Sometimes I even suggest going there
I know, I suggest going to Virginia.  Craziness.
One of the things I love about Screwtop is the flight options--- wine flights, cheese flights, meat flights--- or all of the above.  I love options and I hate decisions, so these flights let you try a little bit of everything. 
But, it's true, you can really drink wine anywhere.  So, what makes Screwtop stand out?  So much so that I'll gladly cross the river to yuppie-ville?  The food.
Every single time I go, it's so hard to decide what to order because everything on the menu is just soo amazing.
There's the Baked Goat--- warm chevre and goat cheese rolled in herbs and served with a spicy chutney and crispy baguette (perfect for sharing). 
There's the warm and cozy tomato soup and grilled cheese sliders. 
There's the refreshing Strawberry Salad--- fresh strawberries, spinach, pecans, and goat cheese tossed with a homemade bacon vinaigrette. 
And of course there's the Mac'n'Cheese Trio.  What's that you ask?  Oh, just the most cozy meal ever-- chipotle goat cheese, tangy blue cheese, and truffle mac and cheese baked until it oozes with deliciousness in the middle and is crispy golden brown on top. 
Am I making you hungry yet? 
Then get into Screwtop.  Stat.  With your girlfriends.  With that new date you're trying to impress.  Hell, I've even gone in alone before and sat at the bar. 
Some additional tips- there's free parking in the adjacent garage.  Also, Screwtop does not take reservations--- it's first come, first serve.  If you go on a Friday or Saturday night, you will have to wait for a table.  But, you can order a glass of wine and then peruse the wine store while you wait.  There's also outdoor seating, two community tables, and a monthly wine club patrons can join.  All good things.


  1. I normally love this blog but this post is obnoxious. We get it, you don't like 'crossing the river into yuppieville'....then don't come here!

    1. DEAR ANONYMOUS, My intent was humor. Sorry if you misinterpreted.