Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where to Have Some Outdoor Fun: Upton Hill

Those of you who know me outside this blog may know that I've recently joined a softball league in my neighborhood.  I've played in other softball leagues before... in law school and for a few summers when I worked on the hill after college. 

But this latest league I've joined?  It's legit.  Like we have practice.  And our coach scolds us when we swing at pitches that are outside the strike zone.  And we have first and third base coaches.

Although I'm a fairly athletic person, softball has never been my strong suit.  But, I love a good challenge.  And I love feeling part of my neighborhood.  And part of a team.  And any excuse to be outside.  So, I signed up for softball.  And since I'm uber competitive and didn't want to let my team down, I knew I needed some serious practice leading up to our first game.

That's why this past Saturday, I headed out to Upton Hill's batting cages in Arlington to work on my batting skills.

Source: http://www.nvrpa.org/

I had no idea what to expect.  I just figured it would be a couple of batting cages.  But as we drove in through the Upton Hill gates off of Wilson Boulevard, it seemed sort of like we were driving into a state park.  Upon further research, I now know that my inclination made perfect sense...as Upton Hill is part of the Northern Virginia Recreational Parks Association.

In addition to outdoor batting cages, we saw a colorful mini golf course "And what's that over across the parking lot?" I thought. "A pool and water slides?"  Who knew?!?

Upton Hill has nine batting cages, some softball, some baseball.  $5 gets you 6 tokens.  Each token gets you 16 pitches.  Aka a cheap and fun way to spend some time.

There were little kids hitting balls with supportive dad's coaching them (adorable).  And couples having friendly competitions (also adorable).  And people like my friend and me...just practicing and batting on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon (don't worry, we were adorable, too).

If batting cages isn't really your cup of tea, Upton Hill also has a mini golf course.  I love putt-putt and will definitely be heading back to play the course soon... and according to the Upton Hill website, "the deluxe miniature golf course boasts one of the longest mini golf holes in the world."  Sweet.

Upton Hill also has picnic tables and hiking trails and the water park.  So many fun things all right in the same park!

Can you sense how excited I am about this place? Because you should.

Why?  Because I love activities! 

Sure, a fancy dinner with a charming man is fun.  And grabbing tapas and margaritas with my girlfriends is a blast.  But I'm someone with an insane amount of energy.  I love bopping around and being active.  And I looooovve a good competition.  And Upton Hills allows for all of that!!

Now, who wants to go play some putt-putt with me?!?


  1. Whoa! Awesome! What's the best way for someone to get out there without a car?

  2. I believe that the closest metro is East Falls Church...

  3. Kate's right -- Upton Hill is about a mile and a half away from the East Falls Church station. Far, but not entirely un-walkable. And of course, D.C. is rife with public transportation options: cabs, Zip Car, Bike Share, etc.