Monday, April 30, 2012

Where I Get My Hair Done: Bang Salon

I am a creature of habit. I will re-read the same book again and again, I listen to the same song on repeat for hours at a time, I order the same things at restaurants I love... you get the point. When I find something I like I tend to not change it up. I'm an old soul, and reluctant to change what works.

Since every other Gamma Girl has provided commentary on her favorite salon, I figured it is only fair that I share mine, as well. I have been going to Bang Salon for three years. When I moved to D.C. in 2008 I was devoted to my stylist at home and would drive back every six to eight weeks for a trim and highlight (again, creature of habit). Unfortunately, my regular stylist at home retired from the world of hair and a friend suggested I try Bang, rather driving 75 miles each way every month or so. It was then that I realized Carol is the best in the business (and reasonably priced).

I need to be honest, my hair is an evolving "work of art" (term used loosely). I have colored my hair since 16. I have been chunky highlighted, heavy highlighted, low lighted, red, bleach blond, black, short, long, layered; you name it, I have had it. In fact, when I started going to Carol in May of 2008 my hair was in between my chin and shoulder, and reddish. She has helped me transform my locks from short and drab to long and sleek. In fact the best compliment I received is when my straight male friend commented that my hair was shiny. After this comment, I literally threw my fist in the air in excitement because in my mind if a guy that is not trying to sleep with you notices your hair, then something must be right. So bless you, Carol.

My Spirit Animal
All in all, Carol is excellent, she knows exactly the best colors to recommend based on your complexion (I was espresso for awhile to make my green eyes pop) and will give you suggestions on the best way to achieve a certain look if you explain your goal to her. I often brag about her to my friends and family. Specifically, her most recent miracle is turning my hair from nearly black to chestnut brown, a la one of my my spirit animals Duchess Catherine (the other is Blair Waldorf, but I digress). I am so glad that I had Carol working her magic because it turned out wonderfully! If you are really into things like this, or you are my friend and I call you and blabber on regularly, I will gladly give you a play by play description of exactly how to change your hair from basically black to chestnut (Hint: it is not a short process).

I absolutely recommend Bang Salon. I visit the U Street location that is easily accessed by the S1/S2 bus or the Green/Yellow line. There are also Bang Salons at Verizon Center/Chinatown and Metropole (1519 15th Street NW - McPherson Square Metro). I have recommended Bang to friends and they are all impressed, and especially the ones that visit Carol. Just make sure to schedule an appointment online, they can get busy.

Bang Salon Verizone Center, Source:
So if you are looking to get a perfect cut or color, at a reasonable price, Bang Salon is the place for you. And gentlemen, have no fear, they do excellent men's cuts as well!

Happy Haircuts,

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  1. I go to Cat at Bang in Verizon Center. I've been seeing her for about 3 years and she's great!