Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where to Eat: Cheesetique

I have very fond feelings for cheese.  So much so that in college my friends dubbed me a "choco-cheese-itarian", which was sort of a nice way of saying I was a vegetarian with very poor eating habits.

Though I now eat more responsibly and am hopefully no longer in danger of developing scurvy, I will forever adore cheese, especially when paired with wine.

I recently went on a date to the Shirlington Cheesetique, and it was a thoroughly delightful experience.  Upon leaving, I was sad to realize it would likely be a while before I returned, as there are no locations in D.C. (the second Cheesetique is located in Alexandria).  Point: Virginia.

My date and I arrived around 8 p.m. on a Saturday evening to a little bit of a wait.  The hostess helpfully informed us that we could order drinks while we were waiting in the little cheese shop area at the front of the restaurant.  I failed to get a good picture of it, unfortunately, but it was a cute little space that displayed their selection of specialty cheeses and beverages.  According to their website, they feature cheeses from hard-to-find artisan and small-farm producers, and unique, small-production wines and beers.

We didn't have to wait long before we were seated and attended to by our waitress.  It is worth noting that the atmosphere in Cheesetique is ideal for a date -- it's casual but intimate, and romantic without getting all up in your grill about it.  Perfect for an early date in which you may not want the pressure of an ornate, expensive restaurant.   

My date and I ordered wine to start, as well as a mixed board- you can select 1-6 cheeses to sample, served along with bread, crackers, and little bowls of grapes and pickles.

All of the cheeses were insanely good, probably because our waitress helped us select them based on our stated preferences (or in my case, a dramatically stated aversion to goat cheese).  I also loved the crackers because they reminded me of the seasoning on everything bagels, i.e., deliciousness.  

I was very tempted to select a mac and cheese for my main course, since Cheesetique is known for it- and really, how can you go wrong with mac and cheese -- but I decided to go a little lighter and instead ordered the Veggie Salut sandwich, which came with sprouts, cucumber, tomato, avocado, artichoke pesto and Port Salut on multi-grain bread.  Whenever you pair cheese with avocado, it's pretty much a guaranteed party in your mouth, but I was still blown away by how fresh and tasty this sandwich was.  I really can't say enough good things about the food at Cheesetique -- it was all wonderful.  

Cheesetique, you have given this car-less DCer a reason to brave the metro out to Virginia (previously, this honor was owned by IHOP and Target, but Columbia Heights rendered that unnecessary).  If you open a DC  location, I promise to love you forever!      


  1. I would totally cross the river for cheese! Field trip?

  2. This sounds amazing I would cross the bordering state to go there myself. Yummy!

  3. I live within walking distance, and let me tell you, danger will robinson, danngerrr!

  4. Wow - thanks for the lovely commentary! So glad you enjoyed your visit. Come see us again soon!