Friday, March 30, 2012

A Few Upcoming Events to Check Out

As regular readers of this blog know, my posts typically review restaurants, venues, plays, etc. but not future events. As I've been adding social event after social event to my spring/ summer calendar recently, I got to thinking. I'm always looking for fun events to attend in and around the District. I love to dress up, be fancy, and mix and mingle. It doesn't hurt when the event is open bar, either. But the worst? When you hear about an event too late and it's sold out!

So, with that little intro, I present to you three events this social butterfly plans to attend over the next couple of months. Hopefully it will inspire you to attend a few, too. And purchase tickets!

Gold Cup
May 5, 2012
Great Meadows 
The Plains, Virginia

You'd think a girl from Maine wouldn't be into party dresses, pearls, and big hats. But you'd be wroooonnnng. Ever since I watched Gone With the Wind when I was 10 years old I've known that I was a southern belle in my past life (In fact, I'm pretty sure my name was Scarlett and I lived on a plantation named Tara). While I love men with beards, L.L. Bean boots, and the Patriots, I also carry around a huge affection for the south. And what's more southern than dressing up and heading off to the race tracks?!?

The Gold Cup is an annual horse race that takes place at Great Meadows in The Plains, Virginia. It attracts over 50,000 people every year. The men sport pastel bow ties. The ladies wear sun dresses and big hats. Mint Juleps are a-flowing. It. Is. Simply. Fantastic.

The Gold Cup offers many different viewing options. Many college alumni chapters and other event planning groups host "tents" that are located along the perimeter of the race track. Tickets to these tents typically include transportation to the event, full open bar and food throughout the day, and transportation back to D.C./ Northern Virginia after. This is what I've done in years past and what friends and I are doing again this year. It's awesome...and the tents usually involve too much day drinking, beer pong. flip cup...and lots of bonding with old and new friends. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!

I also know friends who like to buy tailgating tickets. This allows a group of friends to drive out together, park the car in a reserved spot in a field, tailgate before the races, and then have access to Member Hill to watch the races. Each year the Gold Cup sponsors a contest for the best tailgating. People get waaaayyyy into it with themes, decorations, food, and specialty drinks. Most Tailgating spots include a 12’ x 20’ space which accommodates up to 15 guests.

Whatever option you choose, I guarantee you will have a blast. Oh, yeah, and you might get to see some horse races, too. I always forget about that part.

Taste of the South
May 12, 2012
DAR Constitution Hall
Washington, D.C.

Speaking of my obsession affection for the south...the Taste of the South (TOTS) is also an annual event that I love. Black tie? Barbecue from thirteen southern states? Dancing? Open bar? Um, how could all those things NOT result in an amazing night?

TOTS was started 30 years ago by a group of Southerners living in D.C. What started out as a small event among a small group of people has exploded into one of the events to attend in D.C. Basically, each one of the thirteen participating states hosts a booth. Each booth is decorated to reflect that state and features that states very own barbecue. 

Mississippi's booth (photo credit: TOTS website) 

Guests mix and mingle and slowly make their way around the booths to taste the various barbecues. The event is open bar and usually features a live band, so after filling up on delicious barbecue everyone heads to the dance floor.

For many years the event took place at the DC armory but after realizing that patrons were sweating their little asses off in the unconditioned venue, TOTS decided to step it up a notch and host the event in Constitution Hall at the Daughters of the American Revolution Amazing venue. And who knew that air conditioning could feel so good?

Still need another reason to attend TOTS? You shouldn't. What I've written above should be enough to lure you in. BUT for all you good deeders out there, here's one more reason. Your money will go to a good cause. Each year TOTS donates a large portion of the proceeds to a charity located in one of the southern states. For example, in 2007 the gala raised $300,000 for charity!

TOTS tickets will go on sale April 10th. But be ready to act fast-- tickets sell out very quickly!

June 8-9, 2012
The National Building Museum
Washington, D.C.

Inside Savor at the National Building Museum
Now, I must preface this with letting you all know that I've never been to this event before. But when Thirsty Ivy (who knows more about beer than anyone I know) told me that Savor falls on her birthday weekend this year and asked me to go with her, it was a no brainer. I've had friends go before who wait all year long for this event. In fact, last year my cousin and her boyfriend flew into town from Oklahoma for it!

Basically, the National Building Museum is transformed into a beer lovers heaven. For $130 you get a ticket into an event where you can sample over 140 craft beers from across the United States and 42 different pairing dishes. Now, I can't tell you much more about it, other than the fact that my cousin had to cancel our brunch plans the day after Savor last year because she was so hungover. BUT I can pretty much guarantee that Thirsty Ivy will be blogging about this event.

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  1. On your way back home from the Gold Cup take a detour up Rt 15 toward Leesburg and check out some great vineyards.

    You guys should do a piece on the Loundoun vineyards.

    Have you been to Breaux or Doukenie?