Friday, March 9, 2012

Back and Better Than Ever

If you follow this blog regularly, you'll probably have noticed that it's been quite some time since we last posted a review.  Sadly, life gets in the way sometimes.  Especially for social butterfly Gamma Girls like ourselves!  But what better way to get back on track with blogging regularly again than to announce some exciting new additions to our Gamma Girl team!

We are thrilled to introduce two new authors.  Both are true Gamma Girls -- through and through -- and we are beyond excited to welcome each to this project.

 Thirsty Ivy

Thirsty Ivy, born and bred in the Sunshine State, is now a true Washingtonian ... whether she likes it or not.  She moved here in 2009 to work on a PhD, waded into the dating pool without floaties, loved, lost, and dropped out of school.  You can find her tastefully toasting all over D.C. and, much to her Southern mother's dismay, on a dating website ... or three.

Red, White, and Bourbon

Born and raised in Maryland, RWB has a penchant for Paula Deen, pastels, pearls, and Pugs. True to her (barely) below the Mason Dixon roots, she likes her tea sweet and her whiskey sour. Yet despite her Maryland upbringing (and love of Old Bay and crabcakes), she is somehow an avid Red Sox fan. In her free time RWB can be found watching college football, tailgating at country music concerts, or parading her precious Pug, Lola, around Arlington.

We are also preeeettyyyy psyched to announce our plans to jump back into throwing some kick-ass Gamma Girl happy hours and events.  And in true Gamma Girl style, we hope to team up and co-host these events with other D.C. area bloggers.  Interested in co-hosting?  Shoot us an email so we can get the party planning started!

As we get back into the swing of things, we want to thank all of our loyal followers and supporters over the past several months.  Your comments, tweets, and emails only make this project even more fun.  We hope to meet many of you at our next event, which will be announced soon.  In the meantime, we are happy to be back!

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  1. I just found your blog about a month ago and was bummed there didn't seem to be any posting. So I am super excited to hear the excellent news of you being back and better than ever!