Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where to Watch Football and Drink Beer: Redline

Growing up in a house with three brothers, sports were huge. Especially football. All my brothers played football. All my guy friends played football. My high school boyfriend was even the quarterback. I still remember being that loyal girlfriend and sister standing on the sidelines decked out in a purple and white tank top (our school colors) IN NOVEMBER. IN MAINE. Cheering on the team. Yup, I was hardcore.

So, it is no wonder that I still love football. And who is my favorite team? The Patriots, of course.

Look how good we look together*
While some Sundays it is nice to sit home on the couch with a Bud Light and watch my future husband make perfect, precise passes to Welker, Ochocinco, and Gronkowski, sometimes I want to go out and sport one of my many Pats jerseys and talk some trash to the Steelers fans sitting at the table next to me. And where is the best place to do that?

Redline in Chinatown.

Redline has, ohhh, about 50,000 flat screen TVs (OK, not really...but you get my drift) placed on every wall and nook and cranny in the place. Even in the bathroom.

It has a great beer selection and the menu is perfect for football watching -- nachos, tots, and wings? Yes, yes, please. And the crowd at Redline on Sundays? They all sport jerseys and hoot and cheer and it's just...simply...fantastic.

Main dining room at Redline
In addition, if you make reservations in advance you can reserve a table that has your OWN tap on it. As Redline's website states, "eight premium booths are fitted with the 'personal tap system', and guests are invited to pour their own draft beers and enjoy a no-wait standard of service." That's right -- you don't even need to rely on the waitress to bring you a refill. But, as my three guy friends and I observed not too long ago, maybe you want the waitresses serving you -- all are cute blondes with little black tank tops. Even I was impressed at the hotness level.
So, with the post season upon us, and games galore this weekend (who's excited? THIS GIRL), check out Redline. If you see a brunette with a Pat's jersey on, that would be me, so come on over and say hello. Unless you are a Giants fan. In that case, you probably want to stay away.

*And no, I did not spend 45 minutes pasting myself into that picture.  That would be really weird.


  1. My only comment here is, you do look good in that picture that you didn't spend too much time photoshopping.

  2. I laughed out loud at your avatar head on that body.