Friday, January 6, 2012

Where to Brunch: Asylum

Brunch can sometimes be seen as a staid affair.  Even when you throw some mimosas into the mix, it can't match the seedy fun of the dark nightlife.

The brunch at Asylum, however, is anything but staid.  For one thing, it's got the distinct feel of a dive bar, because that's kind of what it is.  What, you don't want to have brunch in the basement of a dive bar?  I'll admit that this kind of thinking initially deterred me from checking it out, despite all the great things I'd heard about it.  But once I did, I was sorry I had waited so long to partake in the deliciousness.

Located along the strip of Adams Morgan bars on 18th Street, Asylum is easy to pass by and dismiss as a place that's only good for nighttime activities like tequila shots and making out with strangers.

But inside, you will find a plethora of delicious brunch treats that cater to a wide array of tastes.  From beer-battered chicken tenders to vegan nachos, there is lots of meaty goodness as well as ample veggie options to help you beat your hangover. 

Also worth checking out?  Asylum's happy hour, which features $1.50 tacos and $0.50 wings (vegan wings are available too!) from Monday to Friday, 5:00 pm- 8:00 pm.

And for those who prefer a less divey happy hour setting, Asylum recently finished renovations on what used to be its upper level bar, now called Smoke & Barrel.  Similar in style and fare to American Ice Company, here you'll find barbeque and beer in a more traditional restaurant setting.

Anyone have any other recommendations for brunch places to check out this weekend?  Let us know!



  1. Asylum sounds like an awesome place to brunch. We usually have NYC catering for events, but I look forward to enjoying this unique restaurant sometime soon.

  2. I've been in American Ice Company once and I love their barbeque and beer serve in a more traditional restaurant setting. I can't wait to go back.

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  3. This seems to be a very nice place to have brunch. I wonder if they have Australian Beef Jerky to offer but I would definitely like to try their tacos.

  4. I think you would feel better if you have brunch in a restaurant with a calm ambiance. I guess does who have wrought iron outdoor furniture that are very simple would lead you to those.