Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where to Eat: Rasika

This past Sunday I went to dinner with three of my girlfriends to celebrate one of their upcoming graduations from graduate school. The four of us decided on the date weeks ago, and one of the girls suggested we try Rasika in Penn Quarter. I happily agreed because I always like to check out new places, but I knew basically nothing about it. Turns out it is considered one of the best Indian restaurants in the District. Who knew?

And it definitely held up to that standard during our visit on Sunday night.

Everything about the place was simply perfect. And I can be a tough critic.

The decor has a modern yet extremely warm and cozy atmosphere. It is elegant with crystal beads hanging from the ceiling, but simple with wooden tables and plain place settings. Before we were even shown to our table, I knew that I would be writing this review and recommending it as the perfect atmosphere for a nice dinner out with girlfriends, a cozy intimate date night, or a fun place to take your parents when they come into town.

After we were seated, we decided it was a good night to share a bottle of wine. Our server quickly brought over the sommelier who listened to what we wanted and recommended a great bottle of pinot noir. Then the server went through the menu with us -- explaining dishes and making recommendations. He was extremely knowledgeable and it was wonderful to have a server take the time to thoughtfully guide us through the menu.

We decided to share a bunch of different dishes, which is what the restaurant recommends that patrons do anyway. For starters we had the lamb kathi roll and the palak chaat. The lamb roll was excellent -- tender lamb wrapped in a pita type roll and served with a spicy green curry sauce. And the palak chaat -- which is crunchy spinach mixed with a variety of spices and veggies -- was probably one of the most deliciously flavorful dishes I have eaten in a long time. If you decided to try this restaurant, you must order this dish.

Palak Chaat (crunch spinach) = amazing

For our entrees we split the chicken makhani, the chicken tikka masali, the dal malchani, and the kabuli gosht. Each dish came family style with rice and naan. Every dish had incredible flavors. The meat dishes were tender. The spices had the right amount of intensity, but not overwhelming or over the top.

We were so stuffed that we skipped dessert but I already want to go back and get drinks and dessert in the lounge area. Desserts like chocolate samosa and coconut creme caramel? Yes, please.

And the atmosphere is perfect for this kind of year. Rasika is an elegant yet super cozy place to warm up from the chilly weather. In fact, all you men out there -- read The Singleship's recommendation for ice skating at the Sculpture Garden and then after head to Rasika for drinks and dessert. Your date will be uber impressed.

Now I just need to find a cute guy that wants to take me... hmmm...


  1. This post was particularly timely, as I read it this morning and ended up eating there tonight. On your recommendation we got the palak chaat, which was heavenly, among other things, which were all delicious.

  2. I am obsessed with this place! I still dream about the palak chaat and the galub jamuns--great review!

  3. Who knew? Seriously? It's only been in the news as being one of the best restaurants (every year) since 2006. It has been recognized by nearly every Washington, DC publication AND some some national foodie magazines as well. (One publication called it one of the best Indian restaurants in the entire country.)

  4. The men of DC are tired of paying to take out yet another "Look at me I'm a female dating blogger". Go buy your own meal and support yourself.