Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where to Brunch: LevelOne Update- Now with EVEN MORE AWESOME

So, remember when I blogged about my fabulously gay disco brunch at the fabulously gay LevelOne in the fabulously gay Dupont Circle?

To recap: My first experience there was delicious and awesome... if not particularly disco. As far as I could tell, the only thing vaguely "disco" about it was the music. In fact, I even made a somewhat snarky comment via photo caption:

The "disco" part is because they play disco music over the speakers. Yeah, I thought it was a stretch, too.
Fast forward to this past Saturday, when I made a point to drop in on my new gay BFFs and their decadent truffle fries. Apparently, my review was posted to LevelOne's Facebook page. The manager read it, heard my criticisms about the brunch's lack of disco, and enacted a new decree:  Let all servers button up their bell bottoms, let mirror balls be hung, and let disco reign truly supreme.



The place is decorated, and all the servers have to dress up in disco gear from here on out!

Now THIS is what a "disco brunch" should be! I LOVED it!!! It brought the brunch experience to this whole new level.

And even though the servers weren't, um, exactly thrilled about the new changes...

Taking a break without their wigs and looking unhappy
... all I have to say is, dear manager, you've done good.


  1. You are POWERFUL. Look at the changes you enact! DateMeDC for President!

  2. Hey Sugarplum,

    I forwarded this to the manager and staff, and they love it. Also, the boys are making double the tips in their polyester-sequin ensembles, so don't you worry about any sort of brunch retribution. Hope you come back soon!