Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where to Eat: Java Green

Word on the street is that Farragut-area cafe Java Green is for sale.

Which worries me, because Java Green is my most beloved of all the small vegetarian cafes in D.C.  Okay, there's not exactly a lot of competition for this title, but still.

Whenever I have reason to be in Farragut, I find myself drawn to Java Green like a moth to a flame, or like Lindsay Lohan to some meth.  D.C. is a very vegetarian-friendly city, but it's still a rare experience to find oneself faced with an entirely veggie menu of sandwiches, noodles, salads, and more.  The Smoked Turkey wrap is my favorite (the turkey, obviously, is not from an actual turkey), and the "Temptation" runs a close second.  I don't even like tempeh, but somehow Java Green has made it delicious.

There's a full coffee, smoothie and juice bar as well, and an enticing selection of brownies and other treats.  For a small place that houses only a handful of tables inside, it really packs in the goodness.      

In the past year or two, Java Green has reduced their prices to quite reasonable levels -- most of the sandwiches, for example, are only $6.50.  They were previously a bit much to stomach -- pun unintended, because I hate puns almost as much as the entire world hates the Kardashians -- but it never seemed to deter folks from lining up outside during lunch hours.  Obviously, lower prices are a welcomed change, but perhaps this hasn't drawn in as many new customers as Java Green had hoped.

The bigger issue, in my opinion, is that it takes too long for them to prepare the food.  There's just no way they will ever be able to assemble their items as quickly as their lunchtime counterparts at Au Bon Pain and Cosi.  Though the food at Java Green earns raves from veggies and meat-eaters alike, not everyone is willing to spend an extra few minutes of their free time staring blankly at the wall.  But, a tip!  Orders can actually be called in ahead of time, so you can spend that time reading about Pippa being dumped or stalking your ex on Facebook instead.  

Who knows what will become of Java Green?  All I know is I'll be stopping by as much as possible while it's still the reliably delicious restaurant that I love, and stuffing my face accordingly.

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  1. Java Green is definitely one of my fav. vegetarian businesses to hit up, though I don't go nearly as often as I'd like. And I think I prefer their Café Green location. They have vegetarian Bolgogi at the Cafe!

    But I agree with the hope that Java Green location stays healthy.