Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where to Brunch: La Boum at L'enfant Cafe

A little while ago, while it was still technically summer and I was not so technically drinking a lot before fall semester started and I still had a life, I went to L’enfant Cafe’s La Boum brunch with my friend Lisa.  Having read A Single Girl’s review of what can only be described as their “party brunch,” I knew we were in for a good time.  Reservations are hard to come by- and to get in, you'll need a reservation- but we had gotten lucky and found an opening pretty quickly. 

Lisa and I arrived at 2:00 pm on a hot, rainy, Saturday, and were promptly seated at the bar.  We had been chatting for a few minutes when a bartender assumed her post in front of us.  

She leaned over and flashed us some cleavage.  “What are your names, girls?”

“J and Lisa,” we told her.

“J and Lisa,” she said.  “My goal today is to get you drunk!”

The three of cheered and downed shot glasses of champagne as the DJ in the corner started spinning some music.  The lights were turned down low and we were instructed to boo anyone who opened the door and let sunlight in.  Bottles of champagne topped with sparklers were passed out around the bar and the noise level gradually rose, shouts of laughter punctuating the ruckus.     

Once meals had been served and eaten- this is probably the only brunch in the city where the food is not the main point- the party really got started.  
This is what brunch looks like for the first five minutes (Source: L'enfant Cafe)
This is what brunch looks like the rest of the time (Source: L'enfant Cafe)

First people stood up and began dancing.  Then they got on their chairs.  Then they climbed on the bar.  Champagne was a-flowin and the music was pumping and Lisa and I joined the party as soon as we finished polishing off a nutella crepe.  Priorities.  

At one point there was a male stripper walking around dressed as a priest, which proved very unsettling when he started removing his clothing.  Someone passed me a champagne bottle and I took a swig as we watched the priest harass a guy celebrating his birthday.  Hey, I never claimed to be classy.  

At another point, a bride-to-be climbed on the bar only to drunkenly fall moments later, nearly catapulting onto the floor.  

At another point, I began dancing with a shirtless guy who was beautiful and clearly gay (naturally).  He was very sweaty but we hugged like long-lost friends as Lisa snapped pictures of us.  

At yet another point, I yelled at a guy Lisa had been talking to after he told me, for a third time, “You don’t look like you’re having fun, loosen up.”  

I am dancing to Ke$ha with a sweaty shirtless man!!  What more do you want from me?!  So I yelled at him to stop getting on my case and he promptly moved to another part of the room.  Sorry, Lisa.

After hours of revelry, Lisa and I returned to our initial spots at the bar to close our tabs.  I was tired and sweaty and had frizzy hair, so naturally, this was when a cute guy wearing a red shirt chose to approach me.  

We only talked for a minute or two before he asked for my number- his friends were already half out the door and were waiting for him.    

“You’re not going to text me,” I said skeptically.    

“I will!” 

And what do you know- he was true to his word. 

So, tell me- where else can you find a brunch in which you can eat a delicious quiche, see a priest strip down to his underwear, get your dance on atop the bar, and at the end of it, exchange numbers with that cute guy or gal you've been eyeing from afar?  La Boum is truly one-of-a-kind in the typically tame D.C. brunch scene. 

The only downside?  The embarrassing pictures of you drunkenly flailing to Britney that are sure to pop up on Facebook the next day.

*Note that the La Boum menu recently changed to a 3-course menu for $28 per person.  Trust me, it's worth it, and you'll need that much food anyway to sustain your day-drinking.   



  1. As discussed, we are so going to go to there. Let's get cracking on making that reservation!

  2. haha that sounds amazing, I need to go there!