Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where to Brunch: Cafe Deluxe

I love brunch so much. Why? First, it's a great way to bring everyone together the morning after a night of debauchery and do what my friend and I like to call "de-briefing." Aka recapping the night before. Filling in the pieces for those who went home early or drank too much. Telling the hilarious interaction that someone missed while they were doing shots at the bar. Second, the food options. You can do breakfast OR lunch. Oh, the genius behind the brunch.

One of my favorite brunch places in D.C. is Cafe Deluxe. It is located at 2338 Wisconsin Avenue between the National Cathedral and Tenleytown.*

The atmosphere is friendly and neighborhoody. There are huge mirrors along the walls, mahogany booths, white table cloths, black and white checkered tiles on the floor. The servers wear collared shirts and ties and are attentive and friendly. Cafe Deluxe feels like an Italian or French bistro, but the overall vibe is extremely laid back and relaxed.

The crowd varies from big groups of friends meeting up, to families coming in after church, to couples having a leisurely weekend meal together. There is outdoor seating, and the patio is the place to be on a warm, sunny day.

Now, the menu. Oh, the menu. In addition to weekly kick-ass brunch special, the menu is fantastic. Everything from eggs benedict (my go-to brunch choice) to burgers to salads. The menu also features the most delicious sides ever: mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and french fries. All perfect food to cure that hangover.

The only downside? Like most D.C. brunches, Cafe Deluxe does not take reservations. But you can call ahead and add your name to the list. My advice? Show up around 11:15 or 11:30. That way you get in before the after-church crowd.

*Cafe Deluxe also has locations in Bethesda and Tyson's Corner.

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  1. Have you tried Ben's Next Door, their brunch is banging and they take reservations!