Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where I Get My Hair Did: Easel/ PR at Partners

With so many salons in Washington, D.C., how do you choose the right place? How do you know if the stylist is going to listen to you? Going to understand your hair? If you are tired of reading Yelp and other reviews that are a mumbo-jumbo of contradictions, check out my suggestions below. Why? Because I am told on a regular basis that I have great hair. And in reality? I don't. It is thick and frizzy. Sometimes it wants to be straight, other times curly. So, how do I trick everyone? Why is my hair the number one physical feature people compliment me about?

Read on for my secrets...

Haircut: Easel Hair Studio, 1616 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Easel, an adorable little salon in Georgetown, is my go-to place for a great haircut. I discovered it years ago, thanks to my old roommate at the time. Sean Leonard, the owner of Easel and my stylist, is great at making my hair more manageable. Like I mentioned above, I get compliments all the time. And, $65 for a cut and style? It won't break the bank, either.

Don't just take my word for it. Easel, opened by Sean back in 2004, has won numerous local and national awards for its services. Sean is passionate about hair. He considers himself an artist. And he is. The salon itself plays off of that same theme -- it is set up like an art studio. The stylist stations are designed to look like easels. Local artists work are displayed on the walls. A huge, colorful mural on one side of the room was painted by Sean's mother. In addition to the funky decor, I have never had a bad haircut at Easel. I also spent years getting my hair highlighted and dyed at Easel (before I decided to just embrace my natural brunette hair). Sean, and the other stylists, always did a top notch color job. Nowadays, whether I see Sean, or another stylist, I always get exactly what I ask for -- which can be tough given my unpredictable hair.

AND AND AND as luck would have it, today's living social deal is a $75 coupon to Easel for a mere $35! Buy that shit. Trust me. You won't be disappointed.

Blow-dry: PR at Partners Salon, 2033 K St. NW

My mother taught me at a young age to love a good blow-dry. There's something about someone else washing, brushing, drying and straightening my hair that is both relaxing and relieving, especially when I have a big night and want to look my best.

PR at Partners has locations all over the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. I always see Robert at the 21st and K Street location. Veronica, who was originally recommended to me by one of my twitter followers, is also very good. I swear both of them have secret powers that somehow magically remove all the frizz from my hair and leave it bouncy, shiny and straight.

I took my mother the last time she was in town and as we walked out the door with our freshly styled hair she told me that it was the best blow-dry she's ever had. Need more proof? Here is a picture of me at my 30th birthday party* IN THE JUNE HUMIDITY and look how smooth and shiny my hair was? Incredible.

I hope you get the chance to check out these salons! And, seriously, buy the living social deal.
*and yes, I really do dress like my avatar

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