Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why I Love the District

This weekend has been amazing. I spent all my time gallivanting around town, loving life and living it up with my very best girlfriends. It was Doing the District at its finest.

But something happened to me that I think truly epitomizes what it means to live in this city -- what sets D.C. apart from all other cities, what makes it so great to live here.

That tale begins on Friday afternoon: As I was driving home from work, I got a text from Appealing Kate asking what I was up to that night. I'd had a busy week at work -- a major presentation to prepare for -- so my usual attention to my bursting-at-the-seams social calendar was thrown to the wayside and I found myself with no real weekend plans. It turned out she'd had a similarly busy week and was in the same boat, so we decided to hit up Lost Society for dinner and see where the night would take us from there (stay tuned for a tag-team review on that in the next couple of days).

The night ended up being a total blast -- we bounced around all over 14th Street and Dupont, flirting with doormen and bartenders and swilling down mango martinis (at least I did; Appealing Kate isn't drinking for the month for some reason).

But it was while I was en route to this revelry that the truly awesome thing took place. You see, I'm notoriously late to things; for whatever reason, "time management" is at the very bottom of my skill set. So when I realized I'd never make it to our 8 p.m. reservation on time if I took the Metro, I walked to the intersection nearest my house and hailed a cab.

If there's one thing I'm more of than "late," it's "extroverted," so naturally, I struck up a conversation with my cab driver. We chatted amicably about where I was going, how his day was going, how long we'd lived in the area and a million other little things. 

Once we got to the corner of 14th and U, where Lost Society looms large over the corridor, my driver told me what a pleasure it was to have met me, gave me his card and told me that if I ever needed a cab again, I should call him first. I promptly gave him my business card in exchange -- a very D.C. thing to do, of course.

Then came the evening of fun, followed by a morning and afternoon spent with another friend. Before I knew it, it was Saturday night and time to hit the town again.

And once again, I was running late... and then I remembered my wonderful driver from the previous evening. Why the heck not? I thought to myself. He said I should call him the next time I needed a cab.

Twenty minutes later:

"Liban! Do you remember me?"

"Katie! I didn't expect you to call so soon! Get in!"

With that, we spent another cab ride excitedly chatting about the night and life in general. When he finally dropped me off, he only charged me half the price for the ride.

And that is why I love D.C.: It pays to be nice to people.


  1. That is freaking GREAT! I suck at giving out my business card, too. Gotta do it more often.

  2. Sex and the City wannabes ("we bounced around all over 14th Street and Dupont, flirting with doormen and bartenders and swilling down mango martinis") love DC because of the nonstop supply of decent-looking men. Going to a city like NY is an massive drop to your dating market value because you'd actually have to compete.

    DC is great for women (no matter how unattractive), while being awful for men. Enjoy yourself.