Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where to Brunch: Co Co. Sala

One of the advantages to being a grownup is that you can eat chocolate for breakfast and no one is going to have a conniption, save for maybe your dentist.  And if you’re looking for spots to indulge, Co Co. Sala will aid in your quest to send your blood sugar sky-high before the clock strikes noon.  

My friend and I arrived for brunch the morning after Hurricane Irene to an unusually sparse Restaurant Week crowd.  I’m guessing that a lot of folks canceled their reservations, anticipating a worse storm than actually occurred.  That, or eating chocolate for breakfast isn’t as appealing to other people as it is to me.  Though the crowd was small, the decor was nice- swanky and plush while not being overly flashy.      

We were seated quickly, but the service went downhill from there.  

Example #1: My friend ordered iced coffee, and the waiter snidely informed her that they didn’t have it.  Many establishments that don’t list iced coffee on the menu will still oblige you- after all, iced coffee can be made by pouring regular coffee over ice- but our waiter offered no such solution.  When my friend politely asked for hot coffee instead, he impatiently told her to select a brew from the list.  What was he in such a rush to do, go lean against the wall and sigh about how bored he was?    

Example #2: When I asked if any of the sides on the Restaurant Week menu could be substituted, we were again met with a flat no.  Okay, then.  I understand that Restaurant Week menus are set, and that big crowds present challenges in making adjustments to the offerings; I get that that’s a pain in the ass.  But there was really no reason why our waiter couldn’t have at least gone to the kitchen to see if this was an option.  More than half the tables in the restaurant were empty, and we were merely asking to swap a side listed under one entree for a side listed under another entree.       

We ordered our main courses and desserts.  After a long wait, my friend’s coffee came out, along with the warm chocolate fritters served with all brunch entrees during Restaurant Week.  They were small but tasty, and chocolately without being too rich; the perfect appetizer to hold us over until our entrees arrived.  

The artichoke tart I ordered resembled a quiche with a slightly richer crust.  It was offset with a simple but yummy tomato and buratta salad.  My friend reported that her grilled cheese and tomato soup was also good.  

But the best part of the meal was dessert.  I selected the Oynx, which was described as “dark chocolate mousse / vanilla crème brulee / salted caramel / crispy pearls / brownie.”  And let me tell you, that thing was good.  And I'll admit, I rarely meet a dessert that I don't like, but this exceeded my expectations with its perfectly smooth chocolate mousse and salty caramel middle.    
After desserts were finished and plates were cleared, our waiter reappeared; he had been absent throughout the entire meal.  He asked us how the food was, and we told him it was good.  I mean, it’s kind of irrelevant now, but whatever.  A busboy cleared the table next to us and picked up the bill the patrons had left on the table.  

“How much tip did they leave?” our waiter asked him.  Classy.

In short: The service at Co Co. Sala leaves something to be desired, but the food is delicious.  If you can put up with waiters who are stuck-up and not especially helpful, get your butt on over there for a delicious, chocolately brunch.  

Just make sure you brush after.


  1. In their defense (I haven't been), when I was a barista, iced coffee was not coffee over ice. I made that mistake on my first day and got reamed by a manager. It is actually a concentrated mix made separately just for iced coffee.

  2. Any great places for Sat/Sun BRUNCH!!!!!
    (Mimosas a must.)