Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where to Date: The Natural History Museum

Recently, I found myself on an impromptu lady-date with my friend Wendy.  

First, we had a nice Sunday brunch, and then, finding ourselves with nothing to do, wandered over to the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery of Art.

We sat down by the fountain, but it wasn’t long before sweat formed on our foreheads and we were forced to acknowledge that it was too hot to sit outside.  

We stood up and pondered where to go next.  And here’s the nice thing about D.C: There’s always something interesting just around the corner.  

We wound up at the Natural History Museum, and promptly took off to check out the Hope Diamond, which we oohed and ahhed at for a moment before quickly losing interest and moving on.

As we walked, I thought about what a nice venue this would be for an actual date, not just a lady-date.  It’s also a good backdrop for crappy Ben Stiller movies, but I don’t really see how that helps anyone.   

We walked past the Butterfly Pavilion, where for the price of $6, one can enter a room with gorgeous butterflies fluttering all about (general entry into the museum, by the way, is free).

I began envisioning a scenario in which my handsome date and I would venture forth and laugh like giddy children at the playful amber and cobalt butterflies landing on our shoulders like birds on Cinderella.  I have a rich imaginary dating life.

Choosing to forgo the butterfly exhibit, we stopped next at the IMAX theater, where we purchased tickets to see Born to be Wild, a 45-minute documentary about the efforts of two women to rehabilitate orphaned orangutans and elephants in Borneo and Kenya for release back into the wild.

It. was. awesome.

We watched like rapt children as the 3D baby animals played and ate and slept and were just too fucking cute for words.  

I imagine there might be some concern out there that it’s unbearably sad, what with the Bambi premise and all, but I assure you that it’s not.  While there are references to the unlucky pasts of the animals and the challenges that threaten their survival, overall the movie is very hopeful and inspiring.  

Moreover, it’s narrated by the King of all Narrators, Mr. Morgan Freeman, so if you don’t find the content interesting, you can de-stress by letting his voice lull you into a state of hypnosis.  I see your zen garden, and I raise you a Morgan Freeman.    

So if you’re looking for a date activity or just don’t have anything to do, make your 8th grade science teacher proud and go check out the Natural History Museum.  

It’s good, nerdy fun!


  1. This sounds like a date I'd actually plan. Because I'm a nerd. Sweet!

  2. That's middle ground date for me. I like doing that stuff but as part of a larger date..I like moving around and being active.

  3. I just did this as a date! We went to the Natural History Museum then walked down to the MLK memorial and then followed that all up with delicous beers at Wonderland.