Thursday, September 29, 2011

Best and Worst Date Locales: The Tabard Inn and The Black Squirrel

Those who have used eHarmony before know that typically, you exchange a series of questions with a fellow user before you get to the super exciting email each other your life story stage.  

One of the questions that I sometimes get asked from the roster is, “What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?”  

Which always strikes me as a trick question, like on a job interview when you’re asked what your weaknesses are.  If you’re too honest- sometimes I blame missed deadlines on the fact that I’m so busy, but really I was just on Facebook for four hours- you make yourself look bad.  

So instead, you take something admirable and make it look like you think it’s a weakness because you are just so goddamn perfect that even the bad things about you are good.

Likewise, I’m not going to be completely transparent when I answer the what-is-your-worst-date  question, because that would make me sound like a heinous bitch.  Instead, I say some BS like,

I guess I’ve been pretty lucky because I haven’t been on any terrible dates, just one or two that were slightly boring or where the bar was so loud we had to shout to hear each other.  

I got this question again recently, and it got me thinking: Where are some of the places I’ve gone on dates that have been bad choices?  Or good?  

Here are the first two answers that come to mind:  


The Black Squirrel

I met a guy from eHarmony here -- I had suggested Adams Morgan as a halfway point to meet and of all the interesting, fun places to choose from, he picked this one.  
Origins of British Black squirrel discovered

Oh, no wait, it's this:

We sat in a dark basement with ugly walls and it managed to feel both deserted and loud at the same time.  We drank our beer while my date talked about himself.  He asked me literally three questions, one of which was, “So, do you do this a lot?  You know, meet men from the Internet?” Ew.

Our bartender was very nice though, and there’s nothing actually wrong with the Black Squirrel.  It’s a standard Adams Morgan bar and the prices and beer selection are both decent.    

But gentlemen, a tip: If you’re deciding between two places and think one is too fancy but the other not fancy enough, err on the side of caution and go with the former. 

Which leads me to...


I’m sure part of the reason I loved the Tabard Inn so much is because I had a mega-crush on the guy who took me there.  The Tabard Inn was our first real date; before that, we’d only hung out as friends, though once we made out in a booth at McFaddens (I know).  We clearly had nowhere to go but up, and this was really far up.  
Our date was in early fall, when the leaves were just beginning to turn orange and the sun was warm but the air was cool.  We had a drink in the quaint lounge area, by the fireplace, before being shown to our table in the ivy-lined courtyard.


I don’t even remember what I ate, because though it was good, it didn't matter.  The romantic setting of the courtyard at night stole the show.  I never thought before this date that I would be such a sucker to being wooed by a fancy restaurant and a fancy bottle of wine, or that I even wanted to be wooed, but the Tabard Inn changed my mind.    

Obviously it’s not cheap, but if you're looking to impress, or you just want to get laid, trust me: Get thee to the Tabard Inn. 

Where are the best and worst places you've been to on a date? Tell us below!


  1. I second the Tabard Inn suggestion. My boyfriend took me there on our first date, and the atmosphere totally won me over. I also like Eighteenth Street Lounge as a happy hour date location (it gets loud later on, but it is pretty chill at happy hour).

  2. I have to disagree I like the laid back type of bar for a first date. It takes the pressure out of it.
    But don't get me wrong if someone suggest a super fancy place i'm not going to say no, but I would definetly be more stressed out about it. (Ahhh, outfits choice?)
    but then again this might be why i'm single. Blah